your brand, your platform

The Ultimate WiFi Marketing Solution

Launch your own branded Social WiFi platform with:

White Label Branding

Your own secure dashboard customized with your company logo, color scheme and legal terms.

Your Own Domains

Map your platform dashboard and captive portal domains w/SSL for your dashboard and captive portal.

Blazing Fast AWS Hosting

Offer the fastest Guest WiFi Marketing solution using Amazon's CloudFront Global CDN infrastructure.


It's time to take the power back

Create your WiFi experience with our drag-and-drop WYSIWYG splash page designer, without hiring expensive developers.

Branded Splash Pages

Custom brand every element of your captive portal login pages with no mention of MyWiFi.

Custom SSID

Create a custom SSID (guest WiFi network name) for your Social WiFi and change on schedule.

Powered by Your Company Footers

Create custom graphics and text in the header and footer of your Guest WiFi experience.

Custom Confirmation Pages

Create a custom ‘Thank You’ page that is displayed to guests after login authentication.

Campaign Scheduler

Create a campaign schedule that automatically changes your guest WiFi experience on the fly.

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Splash Page Editor Features

Utilize the easiest-to-use and fastest-loading captive portal designer in the industry with lightning-fast page loading ⚡️

WYSIWYG editor

Design without a designer

Easily create and manage every element of your WiFi login experience with just a few clicks. Choose from various social login options, engagement tools and customization options, including auto-generating from Facebook™️ to get the creative right the first time.

Instant Campaign Creative

Auto-generate from Facebook™️

Automatically generate your WiFi splash pages using our direct integration with Facebook™️ and get your creative right the first time.

Multiple Authentication Methods

Choose your login options

Choose from a number of login options including custom social network app integrations (Facebook™, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, VKontakte), SMS login (Twilio), contact form, credit cards (via Stripe and Authorize.net), passcode bypass and more!

Privacy & Compliance

Secure and compliant

Be compliance-ready with integrated opt-in consent forms, guest profile opt-outs and a self-serve customer data portal to comply with the GDPR.

custom thank you pages

Instant post-login engagement

Create a custom ‘Thank You’ page that is displayed to guests after login authentication, with custom messages, images and an embedded Facebook™ Like box with custom redirect times.

post-login timed redirect

Intelligent redirect options

Automatically redirect connected WiFi guests to a URL or deep link (within a particular mobile app) for instant traffic, or automatically open the Apple App Store or Google Play Store based on device type.

built-in ads manager

Monetize with ads

Create ad zones within your campaigns to group and segment up to 7 IAB-compliant ad placements supporting images, video and dynamic widgets with real-time reporting.

advanced settings

Advanced options made simple

We've packed the most features into our campaign editor, including a language toggle bar (26 languages), custom legal text, a weather widget, marketing opt-in forms, Facebook™️ Pixel integration and more!

1-click connect

Remember repeat guests

After connecting the second time, Guests will receive a 'Welcome Back' screen and only have to click the Connect button once for instant access.

1-Click Campaign Previews

Instant preview share links

Generate a unique Preview URL that replicates the exact WiFi login campaign experience - great for prospecting!

Hybrid Paid WiFi

Charge for WiFi access

Offer a short session of Guest WiFi access for registering, then have the ability to charge for premium session times with customizable plan options using your own Stripe or Authorize.net payment gateways. The best of both worlds!

Facebook™ Pixel integration

Retargeting on steroids

Automatically add Guest WiFi users to your Facebook™ Audiences retargeting lists so you can show ads to customers who have visited specific locations that fit specific criteria.

Monetize your Guest WiFi and more with MyWiFi

Start creating your custom campaigns today!

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Get insights on your Guest WiFi users

The ultimate suite of real-time WiFi analytics and data streams

View LIVE activity of connected WiFi Guests, timeline history, demographics, visitor trends and more.


Guest CRM




Get insights on your Guest WiFi users

Simple client dashboards

Up-to-date Guest WiFi data in a really simple and easy-to-read CRM-style dashboard that collects profile information, including:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Phone Number
  • Device Type
  • Operating System
  • Login Location
  • New vs. Returning
  • Hour of Day
  • Authentication Method
  • Bandwidth Used
  • Aggregated Revenue
Guest CRM

Rich Guest WiFi user profiles

Automatically collect Guest WiFi user profiles from Facebook™ and other social networks, email capture, SMS authentication and organize all data in your Guest CRM.


Real-time Guest WiFi streams

View a timeline of all Guest WiFi users that connect to your network in real-time.

Presence Analytics

Track visitors and passerbys

Presence Analytics allows you to estimate foot traffic that is passing within the range of your router. We integrate with Cisco Meraki CMX, Open Mesh Presence and our own proprietary hardware.

Real-Time Analytics

Guest metrics made easy

Easily filter and analyze location analytics including total guests, new vs. returning, social login types, location heat maps, email domains, genders, time of day, dwell time and email engagement.

Move your data with ease

Completely streamlined integrations means you can collect, analyze and transfer your data automatically.

Raw Data Exports

Download all data in raw .CSV, PDF report or trigger via instant JSON Webhook.

3rd-party Integrations

Send your data to over 1,000 3rd-party marketing software platforms.

MyWiFi Networks

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automation engine

WiFi automations you've always wanted

MyWiFi allows you to set triggers and actions to send notifications, webhooks or 3rd party notifications to automate everything in just a few clicks.


Triggers when guests connect to your WiFi network (welcome messages)


Triggers when guests disconnect from your WiFi network (reviews and surveys)


Triggers when guests haven't been seen in a number of days (loyalty & retention)


Triggers when it's a guest's birthday (loyalty & group marketing)


Send to specific guests based on visits, time spent, demographics and more.


Delay your actions for a specific amount of time to create drip campaigns.

WYSIWYG Email Editor

Industry-leading responsive emails

Create your own email and SMS message templates to automatically trigger notifications to guests based on triggers set in our Automation Engine. Create beautiful newsletters, review requests and coupon alerts to increase guest engagement.


Send data in real-time

MyWiFi integrates with over 1,000 apps and 3rd party providers with powerful automation tools and anytime-anywhere access to your data in a beautifully-designed online dashboard.

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The flexible and client-driven dashboard that clients really love to use

Easily grant your sub-users access to a simplified dashboard with a personalized interface allowing your clients to do things like:

View Location Analytics

Allow your clients to see their current Guest WiFi users and lifetime statistics so they can view customer data and identify trends in real-time.

Update Splash Pages

Allow your clients to update their own splash pages so they can customize the login experience for special events and promotions.

Toggle Device Settings

Allow your clients to limit their bandwidth or throttle guest connections, blacklist users, whitelist staff, set a DNS content filter and more!


Real-Time User Data

Your customers can view their own custom dashboard to see all user data and Guest WiFi analytics in real-time.


Edit their own campaigns

You can optionally also grant access to the WYSIWYG Campaign Editor to allow your customers to make splash page login changes in real-time.


Adjust network settings

Allow your customers to manage total bandwidth, throttle speed and adjust session times without giving the access to your cloud controller.


Schedule marketing campaigns

Allow your customers to schedule their own campaign login experiences to change automatically - great for promotions and recurring events.

multi-location access

Manage everything

Easily administer locations, devices and campaigns with managed sub-user access and limited-access branded dashboards.


Create sub-users with limited permission levels to delegate management and allow campaign analytics monitoring.

Get the right WiFi marketing software for your business

The latest software research to find right solution for your business

streamline your setup process

The simple way to deploy Social WiFi

Use our setup wizards to easily add new client locations, configure hardware and design splash pages before you finish your coffee ☕️


Find your location

Easily add your client location by Facebook™️ Page, Google Maps or manual entry. Save time by automatically populating all location details.


Add your hardware

Choose from nearly every major WiFi access point hardware manufacturer and connect instantly with direct API and cloud controller integrations - no additional hardware or firmware required.


Customize your login experience

Customize your splash page using our WYSIWYG campaign editor and design beautiful captive portal post-login engagement sequence in just a few clicks.


Automate and analyze

Set triggers and actions to run whenever guests login, and analyze all data from within customized white label dashboards. Automatically send data to over 1,000 3rd-party integrations on autopilot.

Create something beautiful

The choice is clear

Setup wizard. WYSIWYG editor. Real-time reports. Advanced automation.


Meet your new best friend

We've developed the ultimate Social WiFi Marketing sales tool to help close more deals! Instantly create a splash page demo and campaign experience from a Facebook™ page, allow for minor customizations, then capture client details in your own Sales CRM.