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Frequently asked questions

What is the MyWiFi Platform and what does it do?

MyWiFi Networks transforms existing hardware into a “Guest Wi-Fi with Social Connect” experience that collects valuable consumer data, captures visitor metrics and automates proximity marketing campaigns for local businesses, franchises, event venues and festivals.

Platform Features
  • Collects customer data
  • Captures visitor metrics
  • Automates proximity marketing
Platform Benefits
  • New revenue channels
  • Monetize existing networks
  • Real-time analytics

How many clients can I manage with MyWiFi?

All plans allow you to host an unlimited number access points, unlimited campaigns and get all platform features. You are billed based on the number of physical locations that you set up in the platform. Plans are limited to the amount of connected guest logins (splash views) per month corresponding to each plan.

Need more than 100 locations or 500,000 monthly guest logins? Contact our sales team.

Why is MyWiFi better than other Social Wi-Fi platforms?

The MyWiFi Platform was specifically engineered for Value Added Resellers (VARs) offering:

  • 100% White Label Captive Portal Platform
  • Domains with SSL (captive portal and dashboard)
  • Campaign builder with WYSIWYG editor
  • Custom social apps and 500+ software integrations
  • Multiple location and device management
  • Sub-user access with account limitation
  • Advanced reporting and data exports
  • Integrated Ad Server for monetization opportunities
  • Robust API with flexible integration options

Can my clients login and manage their own campaigns?

Yes! Your clients can login to your branded dashboard to manage their own campaigns and view real-time dashboards. You can create sub-users within your Cloud Control Panel and assign specific modules/campaigns/locations to give access to.

How does advertising work with MyWiFi?

You can easily add banner, video or custom HTML code advertisements and sell advertising space on your landing pages to relevant sponsors using our built-in ad server. Easily track impressions, clicks and CTR (click-through rate) with real-time reporting. We cover the entire advertising monetization strategy as part of the training you receive when you get started with MyWiFi.

What hardware can I use with MyWiFi?

You can purchase pre-flashed and tested wireless routers in our store so all you have to do is plug it in and you’re good to go.  You can also use any of our approved Cloud Controller integrations, including Cisco Meraki Cloud, Open Mesh Cloudtrax, Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud, Cradlepoint NetCloud, Radius (AAA) and more – no additional firmware or hardware required. We also work with TP-Link and a number of other OpenWRT-compatible devices. Find a list of all supported hardware here.

Will my customers know I am using MyWiFi?

No! The MyWiFi platform is 100% white label and you can fully brand and customize your Social Wi-Fi Marketing platform with your own logo and custom domain.

Is MyWiFi available in my country?

Yes! Our Social Wi-Fi Marketing program is a cloud solution and simply requires an Internet connection to be managed – anywhere in the world.   Our landing pages are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Thai, Slovenian, Swedish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Hungarian and more.

Do I have to be technical to use MyWiFi?

The MyWiFi Platform was built to make Social Wi-Fi marketing easy! Adding a device to our platform and building your first campaign takes only a few minutes. No technical experience is needed to launch and manage Social Wi-Fi Marketing campaigns.

How much money can I make selling Social Wi-Fi Services?

Use this handy calculator to estimate how much revenue you can earn selling Social Wi-Fi

Have more questions about the platform?  Visit our Knowledge Base.


Cost effective pricing means you can scale your network with ease. Purchase our white labeled hardware for $49/ea.

White Label

Grow your Social Wi-Fi Marketing business under your own custom brand and domain for dashboard and portal.

Wholesale Pricing

We don’t believe in setup fees or long term contracts. All plans are month-to-month, upgrade/downgrade anytime.

All features included with all plans

Cloud-Based Social Wi-Fi Platform

Manage your guest Wi-Fi login campaigns, locations and guest analytics from any browser or mobile phone.

Splash Page Campaign Builder

Advanced WYSIWYG campaign builder allows you to update your campaigns in real-time with no coding required.

Device Management

Easily manage all of your access points in one place. Get real-time device status and push changes instantly.

Locations and Venues

Create geographic locations for your Wi-Fi marketing campaigns and group devices to sync marketing efforts.

Amazon AWS Global Distribution

Offer the fastest Social Wi-Fi solution using the Amazon CDN (Content Delivery Network) global infrastructure.

100% White Label Branding

Your own secure dashboard customized with your company brand including logo, color scheme and SSL domains.

Dashboard Custom Domain (SSL)

Map your platform dashboard to your own domain for control panel management. (e.g. admin.yourdomain.com)

Wi-Fi Portal Custom Domain (SSL)

Map captive portal guests to your own domain when connecting to Wi-Fi. (e.g. wifi.yourdomain.com)

Sub-User Accounts with Permissions

Create sub-users with limited permission levels to delegate management and allow campaign analytics monitoring.

Dashboard Overview

View daily activity analytics for connected guests, connection history, demographics, visitor trends and more.

Real-Time Analytics

Up-to-date statistics on your MyWiFi Hotspot and collected guest data, easily filterable and sortable.

Social Guest CRM

Manage guest profiles with names, emails, genders, birthdays, demographics, visits, bandwidth, time spent and more.

Quick Report View

A real-time reporting page that displays a specific conneted guests and stats for a specific location (great for sub-users).

Activity Timeline

View a time sorted graphical overview of all recent connected Wi-Fi guests.

Custom Analytics Reports

Pre-configured and PDF exportable analytics templates ready to share with your clients and marketing team.

Automated Email Reporting

Setup automated email reporting of daily/weekly/monthly analytics reports and data exports.

Data Export CSV and PDF

Export all data in flexible data formats for historic downloads and easy importing into 3rd party systems.

Branded Splash Pages

Custom brand your Wi-Fi captive portal login pages with your logo colors, graphics and text - no mention of MyWiFi.

Custom SSID

Create a custom SSID (guest Wi-Fi network name) for your Social Wi-Fi and change on schedule.

Custom Header and Footer

Create custom graphics and text in the header and footer of your landing page with our easy to use editor.

Custom Legal Disclaimers

Set your own custom legal Terms and Conditions which guests must accept when logging in.

Custom Confirmation

Create a custom ‘Thank You’ page that is displayed to guests after login authentication.

Deep Link Redirects

Redirect connected guests to a URL or deep link (within a particular mobile app - e.g. Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)

App Store Redirects

Redirect connected guests to 1-click app install pages on the Apple App Store or Google Android Market.

Campaign Scheduler

Create a campaign schedule that automatically changes your guest Wi-Fi experience on the fly, based on time or day.


Connection buttons & custom login form translated into 26 languages with option to allow guests to toggle languages.

Campaign Preview Links

Generate a unique Preview URL that replicates the exact Wi-Fi login campaign experience - great for prospects!

Social Media Logins

Users connect with Facebook™, Facebook™ Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, vKontakte and others.

Email/Custom Form Login

Users provide their email address (with validation and exernal verification) and other custom data fields.

SMS Login (Twilio)

Users enter their phone number and recieve an SMS with a 3-digit authentication code.

Pay with Credit Card (Stripe)

Easily accept credit card payments from connected guests for access to your network. (Stripe integration)

Pay with PayPal

Easily accept PayPal payments from connected guests for access to your network. (PayPal integration)

Automation Engine

Set up unlimited automations that trigger realtime or delayed (up to 30 days) actions based on user activity.

Email Messaging

Send personalized email messages to Wi-Fi guests after they connect or disconnect.

WYSIWYG Email Builder

Create responsive email marketing messages using an industry-leading click-and-drag email builder (no coding).

SMS Messaging (Twilio)

Send personalized SMS messages to Wi-Fi guests after they connect or disconnect.

Mail Server Integrations

Integrate your Sendgrid or Google Mail accounts to send notifications directly from your own mail servers.

Email Autoresponder Integrations

Automatically send connected guest data to Mailchimp, Active Campaign, iContact, GetResponse and more.

CRM Integrations

Automatically send connected guest data to Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Salesforce, Hubspot and more.

Zapier Integration

Connect your Wi-Fi guest user data to external third party applications with Zapier.

Loyalty Card Integrations

Seamlessly integrates with PunchCards.com and MobiPunch punch card platforms for auto-user registration.

TripAdvisor Integration

Automatically send data to TripAdvisor Express to trigger a customer review sequence.

Google Analytics Integration

Embed your own analytics tracking scripts to externally monitor your landing page traffic.

Retargeting Script Integrations

Embed your own retargeting scripts to add connected guests to audiences (e.g. Facebook™)

Ad Zones for Campaigns

Create zones within your campaigns to group and segment up to 7 ad placements per campaign.

Banner Ads

Serve IAB-complaint banner ads for branding (pre-login) and clickable (post-login).

Interstitial Video

Serve custom video after a user logs in and limit skip button for up to 30 seconds.

Custom HTML Code

Add your own custom HTML code and serve any type of responsive web-based ads (e.g. AdSense).

Custom Embeds

Serve custom widget and snippets of your favorite web content powered by Embed.ly.

Real-Time Ad Reporting

View all impressions, clicks and CTR (click-through rate) in real time with customized date filtering and exporting.

FacebookTM Audience Sync

Automatically add connected guests to a Facebook™ Advertising Audience via the Facebook™ Ads API for easy retargeting.

Limit Bandwidth

Setup bandwidth throttling to limit the total bandwidth each user can consume per session.

Limit Session Time

Set a maximum time limit for connected Wi-Fi users to stop guest Wi-Fi dwelling.

Auto-Updating Firmware

Custom firmware for MyWiFi devices (SH100) and other OpenWRT-compatible devices with automatic updates.

Content Filtering

Ability to filter outbound DNS requests and block illegal and/or inappropriate web surfing.

Presence Analytics

Track and analyze passerbys, visitors and connected guests on compatible MyWiFi hardware, Meraki Cloud and Open Mesh devices.

White Label Hotspot Hardware

Wholesale access to unbranded professional-grade metal routers with pre-installed auto-updating firmware.

Cloud Controller Integrations

Plug-and-Play integrations with Cisco Meraki Cloud, Open Mesh Cloudtrax, Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud, Cradlepoint NetCloud, Radius (AAA) and more! (no additional firmware or hardware required)

Gateway (Large Wi-Fi Installations)

Physical or Virtual Gateways installed behind a switch to support thousands of simultaneous Wi-Fi connections.

Custom Social Apps

Use your own social developer apps (e.g. Facebook™ App ID and Secret) to be used for each social login method.


Send data hooks in real-time to external 3rd party endpoints.

API Access

Integration methods range from copy-and-paste widget embeds to a fully refactored UI interface using our API.