Use MyWiFi with Twilio

Enable Login with SMS and send text notifications using Twilio.

MyWiFi + Twilio.  Better together.

  • SMS, MMS and More!
    Using our direct Twilio integration, we've made it easy to use your own Twilio phone numbers and send SMS and MMS text messages at market rates!
  • Paste Your API Keys
    Setting up the Twilio Integration is super easy! Simply paste your API and authentication keys into the MyWiFi dashboard, choose your phone number to use, and you're ready to text!

About Twilio

Twilio - Communication APIs for SMS, Voice, Video and Authentication

Cloud communications platform for building SMS, Voice & Messaging applications on an API built for global scale.

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Use Cases

Login with SMS

Allow Guest WiFi users to Connect with SMS in order to access your network.

Trigger SMS Messages

Set up automated triggers to send SMS messages to your connected WiFi Guests.

Send SMS Broadcasts

Send mass SMS or MMS broadcasts to your Guest WiFi users at any time.

Integrate Twilio with MyWiFi

See why MyWiFi Networks makes Twilio better.
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