Provide more value for your Business Internet customers with WiFi marketing

A truly valuable add-on service for Internet Service Providers to upsell to their business customers and generate more revenue.

How Internet Service Providers can increase sales by offering WiFi marketing

With WiFi marketing, your business clients will get access to untapped sources of revenue. It’s an easy sell and will only make them more loyal to your company.

Create a competitive advantage

Your competitors probably haven’t heard of WiFi marketing yet. So you can be the only ISP to provide this service in your area, differentiating yourself from the competition. When your business customers will give it a try and see the benefits, you will be playing in a league of your own.

Your clients will get priceless data

Your business clients can use WiFi marketing to gather data about their customers and apply it to targeted automated campaigns that will bring people back to their establishments. This will open up more growth opportunities and give your clients another reason to stick with you.

Offer value-added plans

WiFi marketing is the perfect service to add to your existing WiFi plans as a bundle. This will generate value-added packages that will give your clients a full 360-degree service⁠—WiFi internet and a unique marketing channel that will offer them analytics and insights to create the best-performing campaigns.

Why do Internet Service Providers ❤️ MyWiFi Networks?

We help open doors by providing a new Social WiFi Marketing technology to your local clients, and generating the data required to upsell email marketing campaigns and social ad retargeting.

“MyWiFi Networks has completely transformed my ISP. They make it easier to charge my clients recurring fees for something that actually helps collect the data I need to upsell other services.  The support team and platform are great!”

Stella Moore

Stella Moore

Founder, Pixie Digital

Why Internet Service Providers choose MyWiFi Networks

With MyWiFi Networks, you will get a fully developed service that’s ready to be sold.

Your brand stays front and center

You worked hard to build your brand, and we understand the importance of keeping your clients loyal. That’s why MyWiFi Networks is 100% white label. Your brand will be the only brand your customers will see. They will also get a custom dashboard to check their analytics, set up their WiFi login pages, create marketing automations, and more.

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help

If you don’t know how to start selling the WiFi marketing service, don’t get discouraged. MyWiFi Networks created Sales Academy with plenty of training materials that will help you figure out the entire sales process, including even flyers and presentations that can be easily customized for your business.

Endless opportunities for your clients

MyWiFi Networks is easily the most integrated WiFi platform on the market. We are connected with all of the most popular marketing tools out there, so your customers can automate their processes and focus on running their businesses.

How much revenue can you make selling WiFi marketing solutions?

When you offer solutions under your own brand, you own the relationship and can set your own prices.

Use this calculator to estimate how much you can make by bundling WiFi marketing solutions with existing product offerings.

Proven Guest WiFi Solutions

We’re proud to serve some amazing companies

Our Features

Some of our features that were made for Internet Service Providers

Your Brand

A secure 100% white label dashboard customized with your logo, colors and legal terms.

WiFi Analytics

View real-time activity of WiFi guests including social user data, time spent and more.

Splash Pages

Create custom WiFi experiences with our
drag-and-drop splash page designer.


Set triggers, delays and actions to send your data to more than 1,000 3rd-party app integrations.

Client Access

Grant subuser access to a simplified dashboard to view reports or make campaign changes.

Easy Setup

Use our setup wizard to add locations, hardware and campaigns with no coding required.

Sales CRM

Automatically generate live previews of WiFi login pages with our Facebook™ integration.


Accessible in over 30 languages so you can support customers anywhere in the world.

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Why Partner with MyWiFi?

WiFi Marketing for Internet Service Providers

Build Recurring Revenue

Competitive Differentiation

Keep Your
Clients Loyal

Automated Sales Process

3rd-Party Integrations

Meets Privacy Requirements

Marketing & Sales Collateral

Integrates With All WiFi Hardware

Add Social WiFi to Your Portfolio

Join the unstoppable Internet Service Providers using MyWiFi Networks

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