What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi marketing is an innovative way for brick-and-mortar businesses to build customer loyalty by leveraging on-premise guest WiFi to run highly targeted digital ads, send emails & SMS messages, and automate other customer communications.


Why Local Businesses Need WiFi Marketing

How WiFi Marketing Works

Over 50% customers stay longer at locations that provide free guest WiFi. The best part is that they don’t mind sharing their data to get access. Businesses can leverage this data for their targeted marketing efforts that benefit everyone involved. They can choose how and which data they want to collect, and customers, in turn, can choose what they would like to share out of available options—a phone number or email address, for example.

step 1


Guests connect to your open Wi-Fi network without a password.

step 2


Guests are asked to login using social media, email, or SMS to get access.

step 3


Create a fully immersive guest WiFi experience with videos, images, social widgets and more.

Trigger when guests connect to WiFi

Trigger when guests disconnect from WiFi

Trigger when guests have not returned

Trigger when it’s a guest’s birthday 🎂

Filter automations based on data points

Delayed actions for drip sequences

step 4


Automatically set ‘smart’ triggers and actions, such as sending an email, SMS/MMS message through the platform or via 3rd-party APIs.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Guest WiFi Marketing

How a White Label WiFi Marketing Platform Can Help Your Business

Real Client Examples

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