It’s called the easiest-to-use Social WiFi platform for a reason.  See what MyWiFi can do for your business.

White Label

This is YOUR 100% custom branded WiFi Marketing software, so you can easily brand the entire platform and take ownership of the entire end-to-end client and guest experience.

White Label

Your Brand

Your own 100% white label branded platform so clients will never know.

Custom Domains

Use your own dashboard and portal domains.  We’ll provide the SSLs.

AWS Hosting

The fastest Guest WiFi solution using Amazon’s CloudFront Global CDN.

Support Links

Embed your own support widgets, knowledge base and training tools.

Powered Footers

Place your logo and company on login pages to generate referrals.

Custom Terms

Set your own custom legal terms, privacy policy and conditions.

WiFi Analytics

WiFi Analytics

Powerful Guest WiFi analytics to capture visitor data in real-time,  including demographics, behaviours, insights, trends and more!

Real-Time Data At Your Fingertips

Up-to-date Guest WiFi data in a simple and easy-to-use dashboard that automatically collects guest profile information, including:

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • New vs. Returning
  • Email Address
  • Device Type
  • Time Spent
  • Birthday
  • Operating System
  • Automation History
  • Gender
  • Login Location
  • Aggregated Revenue

Guest Data The Way You Want It

Guest Profiles

Collect user demographic data as guest profiles to track usage details.

WiFi Analytics

View real-time data streams of your Guest WiFi social user activity.


Easily filter, analyze and display guest analytics to measure usage trends.

Presence Analytics

Measure and visualize footfall of connections, visitors, and passerbys.

Location Reports

Create customized location reports to analyze data from one-to-many.

Data Exports

Export all your data in CSV, PDF or trigger via instant JSON webhooks.

Splash Pages

Utilize the easiest-to-use and fastest-loading captive portal designer in the industry with lightning-fast page loading ⚡️


Customize your WiFi login experience without hiring expensive developers.

Login Options

Integrate your own social login apps, SMS opt-in, custom forms and more.

Facebook™️ Sync

Generate fully branded splash pages from Facebook™️ Business Pages.

Custom SSIDs

Change your WiFi network names, complete with Emoji support 🚀🙌

Smart Redirect

Redirect WiFi Guests to any URL, App Store, WhatsApp or Messenger bot. 

Sales CRM

Built-in sales prospecting tools to generate trackable preview links.

GDPR Compliant

Integrated consent forms and opt-outs that comply with privacy laws.

Instant Reconnect

Returning Guests receive a ‘Welcome Back’ message to instantly reconnect. 

Paid Access

Offer a hybrid social-paid Guest WiFi solution and generate more revenue.

Automation Triggers

Automatically send emails, SMS messages and Webhook notifications.

Ad Retargeting

Sync Guest WiFi users with your Facebook™️ Audience retargeting lists.

Ad Server

Run your own WiFi Ad Network using our built-in Ad Server with reporting.



MyWiFi allows you to set triggers and actions to send notifications, webhooks or 3rd-party notifications to automate everything in just a few clicks.


Triggers when guests connect to your WiFi network (welcome messages).


Triggers when guests disconnect from your WiFi network (reviews).


Triggers when guests haven’t been seen in a number of days (retention).


Triggers when it’s a guest’s birthday (loyalty & group marketing).


Send to specific guests based on visits, time spent and demographics.


Delay your actions for a specific amount of time for drip campaigns.

Automations Are Better with Integrations

Run smart rules that trigger automations with your favourite CRM, Email Autoresponder and 1,000+ 3rd-party apps using Zapier.


Active Campaign






Client Access

The flexible and client-driven dashboard that clients really love to use. Easily grant your clients sub-user access to a simplified platform with a personalized interface.


Easily manage and limit sub-user access across your client locations.


Group multiple locations under a Client for streamlined reporting.


Limit bandwidth, throttle guests, whitelist staff and blacklist abusers.


Allow clients to schedule their own WiFi promotional campaigns.

Automated Reports

Setup automatic reports to be sent to your clients at predefined times.


Allow your clients to manage campaigns in their own language. 

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