Using WiFi Marketing to Boost the Social Presence of Your Local Clients

As a marketer, your small business clients are the most valuable and most vulnerable. According to recent studies, and more widely understood given the current economic climate, there are over 30.7 million small businesses in the United States accounting for 90% of the business population.

Local businesses have a certain charm, they encourage a unique sense of customer loyalty, and arrive with a unique set of marketing challenges, from limited budget to lack of visibility and uncertainties about their target audience. 

While boosting a business’ social presence is an obvious solution, there are options that can strengthen their digital presence and, in turn, your value as a marketer in a not-so-obvious way. Your job as a marketer is to reach the right user with the right message at the right time. WiFi marketing helps achieve those goals via social platforms and beyond and we’re breaking down how.

Separate yourself from next-door marketers with WiFi marketing—the cherry on top of your digital strategy and solution for peak engagement and stellar client satisfaction. 

All Eyes on Social Content

If you’ve been working with a particular client, you’ve likely recommended that they boost their social identity and establish a unique voice. You’ve put in long hours creating frequent, engaging, and relevant content targeting a specific demographic. You’ve possibly worked with creative teams to nail designs, fonts, interactive graphics, and color schemes. And I’m guessing, you’re fielding questions from your clients along the lines of “how can customers find this fantastic content on social?”

Solidifying a strong social presence is just the first step in building brand awareness. WiFi marketing helps you reach step two — finding the right audience to engage with your social content at the right time.

With WiFi marketing, when users sign in with their social accounts, the WiFi login page directs them straight to the company’s social pages. While there are many ways to promote social accounts, from programmatic buying and in-store messaging, WiFi marketing snags users in the exact moment they’re connecting to social for instantaneous engagement.

Communicate with the Target Audience… 

…In the right place. Grabbing customers who have visited a location in-person helps ease communication outside of traditional, one-way advertising strategies. Reaching out to users who already have some connection to the local business makes messaging, especially on a conversational platform such as social media, feel even more organic and less like a user is being spammed with an #ad.

Use WiFi marketing to drive customers to social content and keep them aware of special offerings like promotions, sales, partnerships, holiday hours, and new menu items in a way that doesn’t feel forced or intrusive.

And don’t limit communication to the hours or minutes the brick-and-mortar’s customers are physically on location. Present your clients with the option to trigger their messaging to users at a later time.

WiFi marketing allows businesses to send messages to users at specific times, helping to keep social engagement and brand awareness top-of-mind long after they’ve walked out of the door.

Establish Familiarity

Help your clients understand that the people who’ve entered their physical locations can be the best audience to reach on social for several reasons:

1. If you’ve got data from a customer’s WiFi sign-in, that means they have engaged with the brand in-person and therefore are likely to have some emotional connection. Seeing a social page from a familiar business will always resonate better than a random post from a place they don’t know floating through their feed. 

Before a customer even clicks on your client’s page, they know who the business is, what they do, and what kind of content can be expected. With that out of the way, users are free to focus on the content, discover benefits, and, ultimately, engage.

2. If a user chose to sign-in to the brick-and-mortar’s WiFi using social media, they’re more likely to have a strong social presence and are therefore more likely to engage with the business there.

3. On location, the brand is top-of-mind. Social content will never be as relevant to a user as when they’re physically at your client’s place of business or have just left. Again, sending messages at the right time always increases the chances that a customer will engage.

Encourage Engagement

Due to shifts in social algorithms over the past several years and general social saturation, engagement in any form is necessary for a brand’s success on social. A business can’t have passive followers, silently admiring content from afar. To build a social presence, your clients need comments, likes, shares, and every other form of engagement.

Using custom calls-to-action, WiFi marketing can encourage users to check-in at your client’s location, like and follow social pages, and leave reviews on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

A lot of towns are small, and one customer sharing a local establishment’s post, checking-in on social, or leaving a positive review may reach hundreds of potential guests in the target location who likely share similar traits.

For small businesses especially, reviews are equivalent to reputation. A lack of effort to encourage people to leave reviews means no reviews. And no reviews mean no credibility.

Retarget Lookalikes

When customers connect to WiFi on location, they’re providing you with valuable data. And not just the obvious collection of email addresses and contact information. Their social platforms house their likes and dislikes, their habits, and even their shopping preferences.

If you understand the demographics and affinities of people who’ve previously visited your client’s location, you can retarget look-a-likes and, in turn, drive them to your social pages. 

This data will also help inform your future social strategies. Understand what influencers to engage with, what language to use, and what speaks to that target audience. Tailoring the social media communication to an audience more likely to visit a physical location will increase a client’s following and ultimately boost their social presence.

As marketers, we spend so much time building the ideal audience and targeting that audience through a series of programmatic and traditional media buying as well as overall strategic advertising. Snagging users who have already been engaged with a client’s business, represent key parts of their target audience, and will help inform audiences for future campaigns.

Implement Social Strategy with WiFi Marketing

WiFi marketing allows your clients to not only target ideal guests but also deliver their social content to target audiences on a silver platter. Help clients drive engaged users to their social pages, communicate directly and effectively, and reach out to them when the brand is top-of-mind.

Leverage WiFi marketing today to help your clients solidify a uniquely strong social presence.

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