Boost Your Agency’s Revenue & the Marketing ROI of Your Clients with WiFi Marketing

Digital marketing agencies that offer WiFi marketing services are in control of something very powerful—a bottomless source of customer insights to fuel clients’ campaigns and a launchpad for their most profitable services.

This article will describe how offering guest WiFi can drive high-ROI marketing campaigns for client companies. This gives WiFi marketing a compelling value proposition, one that’s easy to sell as a turnkey service or with the client running their own campaigns. We’ll also go over how offering WiFi marketing services can boost an agency’s business by creating opportunities to sell additional services.

Growing Your Clients’ Marketing ROI with WiFi Marketing

Digital marketing agencies can help increase clients’ marketing ROI by guiding them towards a few specific, high-ROI activities—a handful of customer engagement techniques that are proven to return huge dividends.

We’ll go over what those marketing practices are below and examine the many ways that WiFi marketing can enhance their performance. There’s also some information about how you can help clients perceive their campaign results, (if they’re great, or just good), as an indication that they need more of your services.

Focus on High-ROI Marketing Services

Three of the most common services provided by marketing agencies are email marketing, social media marketing, and digital advertising. Let’s explore them.

  • Email marketing boasts an extremely high ROI, enabling companies to engage with customers in a personal way to increase loyalty. It gives your clients a high-visibility channel to announce sales, offer coupons, and increase brand awareness. It can be a key part of your clients’ reputation marketing strategy, serving as a flexible platform on which to solicit reviews and testimonials.
  • Social media marketing lets businesses build brand awareness and execute practically every type of customer outreach that exists. Your client’s customers may use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest—work with them early to determine which platform gets most of their customers’ attention.
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy that lets businesses bid on a keyword that works for their ad. If they win the auction, the ad will appear in search results. This high-conversion technique can result in an immediate increase in traffic, and the pay model makes it easy to calculate your ROI.

There are some eye-opening ROI stats for each of these strategies. 

When a business spends $1 on email marketing, the ROI is $40. One study shows that the average ROI from email marketing is 122%!

Would your clients be interested in a two-for-one ROI with zero effort? On average, businesses generate $2 for every $1 they spend on Google Ads!

More than 500 million people use Instagram every day and 70% of the hashtags being passed around are branded. That’s a lot of highly targeted customer engagement going on via social media! There are over 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook. The platform reaches over 60% of internet users and, in terms of ROI, is one of the top-ranked channels for digital marketing. 

With these three marketing services in mind, let’s look at how WiFi marketing can help grow digital marketing efforts.

WiFi Marketing Supercharges Digital Marketing & Advertising

WiFi Marketing can be a powerful engine driving your clients’ digital marketing and advertising efforts. It allows businesses to capture customer data and analyze visitor metrics to better execute automated loyalty marketing campaigns, present targeted digital ads, and optimize every form of customer communication. 

By studying who connects to their guest WiFi, your clients can easily obtain a list of qualified customers and prospects—people who are prime targets for marketing campaigns. What’s more, those campaigns can be automated, whether they’re focused on sending offers to foster loyalty, soliciting reviews, or meeting any other customer engagement goal.

WiFi marketing turns on the flow of customer data. Businesses can collect all the contact information they need to reach out to customers on their most-used channel, whether that’s email, SMS, or social media.

WiFi marketing is a magnet for customer email and social media contact info. The cutting-edge approach is perfect for soliciting one or many forms of contact details from visitors, and that type of data is the fuel that drives automated digital marketing campaigns.

Let’s move on to examine how agencies providing a digital WiFi marketing service can, through post-campaign analysis, guide clients to buy more of their services.

In Post-Campaign Analysis, Find Room for Improvement

When a client’s campaign wraps up, you’ll have access to valuable analytics that prove what worked and reveal opportunities for improving performance.  Almost any results can be spun to lead clients toward spending more with your agency.

Imagine the following scenarios:

  • The client ran their campaign without your help, and it was a success. You can help them interpret the results in a way that encourages continued business with your agency, point out ways to optimize what worked the first time and add additional strategies from your playbook.
  • The client ran their campaign without your help, and it was only moderately successful. This one is a no-brainer. You’ll see what went wrong and, at the very least, bill some consulting hours before the client tries again.
  • The client opted for turnkey WiFi marketing service, and you nailed the first campaign! Amazing campaign results will be a powerful motivator for your clients, encouraging them to sign on for another round or expand into some of your more lucrative services.

There’s almost no result that can’t be leveraged to get more business for your agency. When each campaign ends, be there to help the client see their next move!

WiFi Marketing Can Create New Revenue Streams for Your Agency

The range of potential revenue streams that comes from WiFi marketing is staggering. For a digital agency, one of the most powerful aspects of WiFi marketing is how its impact can branch out and trigger an increase in sales of your other services.

The revenue your agency sees from email marketing services, for example, can go through the roof shortly after guest WiFi users begin providing their email addresses. A client that’s had success with your social media marketing services, partly due to the boost provided by WiFi marketing, might be a prime candidate for your digital advertising service.

With a campaign or two completed, resulting data can be a powerful tool in upselling clients. You can make a compelling case that, by augmenting future marketing efforts with the enhanced services you provide, the client will see better campaign performance.

Many firms optimize this growth strategy by offering clients a Done For You (DFY) model, in which the client enjoys turnkey WiFi marketing services, a DIY model where clients run their own campaigns, and a tailored mix between those two.

Moving a client from one model to another is easy after a couple of campaigns, and all those business models can be extremely profitable, as we’ll discuss in the rest of this section.

Turnkey WiFi Marketing Service

The DFY model lets agencies deliver a compressive WiFi marketing service. Your agency sets up the platform and controls campaign execution, which can be geared toward loyalty marketing, management of coupon offers and contests, lead generation, and other marketing objectives like reputation management, in which customers are encouraged to post reviews.

The DFY model creates fertile ground for you to grow engagement, upselling clients so they can benefit from the additional marketing service you provide.

Once you’ve generated leads, you can charge clients for automated follow-ups and retargeting, payment integrations, and advertising. Clients experiencing the uptick in business that results from your efforts may seize the moment to overhaul their website and spend some money on SEO, both of which could be handled by your agency. 

By having complete control over campaign execution, agencies can better predict the outcome, allowing them to effectively guarantee a certain level of campaign performance. To the client, the value of a service like that, with an ROI they can count on, is immeasurable and can justify the high service cost your agency will charge.

While it takes more of your time than maintaining WiFi marketing service for DIY clients, a white-glove DFY service can be a great source of revenue!

Client-controlled WiFi Marketing Service

In the DIY model, clients interact directly with the platform to run their own campaigns. When they define or change their campaigns, view statistics, etc., they’re doing so with the access you grant them to your branded platform, which uses your logo and domains.

The required configuration and management are negligible. You simply create sub-users and groups with limited permissions, thus providing clients with a simplified, personalized view of the platform.

From the client’s perspective, you’ve created a sophisticated SaaS offering that impressively demonstrates a keen understanding of how to use technology to engage customers.

The DIY and DFY models take about the same effort to sign up new clients, but once a client has been set up with the DIY option, you just sit back and collect the recurring revenue, perhaps using the available time to service your DFY clients!

The DIY model is great when applied as a volume business model. With a cost-effective solution that’s billed directly to the business owner, you can maintain a stable of customers, all enjoying the inherent value of a self-serve offering with access to advanced services if they need them.

The Money Is in the Middle—Flexible Services Meet Client Needs Best  

If you steer your clients toward marketing tactics that have proven high ROI, you can practically guarantee good campaign results. We hope our quick look at three high-ROI practices, email marketing, social media marketing, and using paid ads, serves as a foundation for how you’ll prioritize your agency’s efforts.

When a campaign ends, business opportunities will follow. A delighted DFY client will be primed and ready when you suggest additional services. An optimistic DIY client might need a little help, a lot of help, or they may just decide to upgrade to the DFY model.

The best approach for agencies is to offer DFY and DIY service models, plus a blend of the two or an à la carte offering that lets customers dial in exactly how much help they need.

All it takes is one campaign with impressive ROI or even modest results that show potential—once you’ve got WiFi marketing in place, it’s easy to get clients to spend more money on marketing, and that means more revenue for your agency.

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