Why Digital Agencies Should Recommend WiFi Marketing to Their Local Clients

WiFi marketing is still a relatively new marketing area that so far hasn’t been widely accessible to small brick-and-mortar businesses. In a nutshell, it allows businesses to gather certain customer data in exchange for free WiFi. Targeted marketing campaigns can be created based on the data gathered, allowing business owners to generate significant ROI from the free WiFi. To learn more about what is WiFi marketing and how it works, check out this blog post.

If you represent a digital marketing agency, you can include WiFi marketing in your portfolio of services, offering more value for your local clients. It’s a great way to stay ahead of the competition, gather more relevant data for your clients, upsell your other services, and retain your clients in the long run. Here’s why:

Strengthen your competitive advantage

Most local businesses are not familiar with the advantages of WiFi marketing. The reason for this is that they haven’t heard about it. They often rely on marketing professionals like you to teach them about the advancements in the industry and how they can benefit from those.

It’s also very likely that your competitors haven’t heard about WiFi marketing and/or aren’t offering it as a service. By introducing WiFi marketing technology to your brick-and-mortar clients, you will show them that your agency is run by truly innovative marketing experts. 

Access necessary customer data

It can be challenging to plan and run truly successful targeted marketing campaigns for local businesses. The challenge often comes from not having access to data that precisely defines the target audience’s needs and expectations. With WiFi marketing, you can gather data that can transform your email marketing, social media, and retargeting campaigns.

WiFi marketing technology prompts the visitors at your client’s location to share some personal data of their choice when they connect to the WiFi network. With WiFi marketing, you can grow email lists, develop marketing funnels, and create targeted marketing campaigns. 

Sell more of your services

Whether it is social media management, online advertising, or email marketing that you are doing for your client, with WiFi marketing, you can connect everything into a seamless customer experience. Bundle up WiFi marketing with another service that you offer and create more value for your customers, as well as more revenue for you. 

WiFi marketing technology allows you to integrate with the other marketing tools you use. You can set up automated campaigns targeted for specific audience segments. Detailed analytics will allow you to demonstrate the effectiveness of these campaigns to your client, once again establishing you as a high-quality marketing pro. 

Retain your clients and become indispensable

If someone connected to your client’s WiFi network, it’s safe to assume they visited the client’s location and likely even made a purchase. This makes them a hot lead who is very likely to engage with timely personalized campaigns that you have created.

Once the integrated online and offline communication starts bringing in clear ROI, you will become the go-to person for all of your clients’ marketing needs. As you keep on running more successful marketing campaigns for them, your clients will never want to leave. It will become much easier for you to maintain long-term loyal business relationships.

WiFi marketing benefits for your agency’s clients

Local businesses are always on the lookout for additional ways to encourage repeat customers and boost brand engagement. WiFi marketing can help solve some of the challenges they face. Here’s how.

Increase first-time purchases

WiFi marketing enables you to create targeted marketing campaigns for specific situations. This includes people connecting to your client’s WiFi for the first time. You can set up an automated campaign that will display a special promotion for first-time users, prompting them to purchase more.

Encourage repeat business & boost revenue

Wi-Fi Alliance found that 30% of consumers say they are more likely to return to a store that offers a seamless WiFi experience. In addition, according to OnDeviceResearch, 74% of people surveyed would be happy for a retailer to send a text or email with promotions while they’re using WiFi on location.

You can set up automated campaigns to communicate with your customer’s clientele after their visit. More promotions, special offers, giveaways, and other activities can be offered to them to increase loyalty and get them to visit again.

Stand out from the competition

According to Telecom Paper, 1 in 10 people admitted to leaving a venue because there was no free WiFi access. Considering that the availability of free WiFi has moved from a nice-to-have to a consumer expectation, offering free WiFi will help differentiate your clients’ business from a competitor. 

At the same time, with WiFi marketing, your clients can access the in-depth real-time analytics dashboard. Or you can do it for them. They will be able to see who connected, when, how long the people stayed. If they logged in using a social media network, your client will also have access to the demographic data. 

This information enables you to create truly personalized communication, learn more about your client’s target audience, providing a level of care and brand-to-consumer connection that their competitors will never be able to match.

Improve social engagement and reputation

CMO Council found that 56% of social network users have stated they would use their social profiles for WiFi login in return for a customized experience with a brand. This means your clients can use WiFi marketing to drive deeper brand engagement and recognition.

With WiFi marketing, when your client’s visitors log in to use the free WiFi, they can be prompted to engage with the brand on social media (Like their page on Facebook, for example) or they can be asked to leave a review on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. This type of social engagement is bound to bring in more customers to your clients’ locations, as most of us these days make sure to do our research online before visiting a place. Great reviews and high social media engagement establish the reputation of a local business.


The benefits of WiFi marketing are quite straight-forward for anyone involved. Your agency, as the seller, will be able to offer a truly valuable service to your clients, one that can make a big difference for their business and become another revenue stream for you.

Your local client will be able to build strong relationships with their customers, ensuring their loyalty, great recommendations, and increased purchases. With personalized communication, their customers will appreciate the effort and feel that the brand is talking directly to them, as opposed to hundreds of generic messages they are bombarded with daily.

And finally, the end-user will enjoy a safe browsing experience, connecting to a protected WiFi network, knowing that someone with malicious intent won’t be able to interfere. 

It’s a win-win situation for everyone concerned. Are you ready to come on board?

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