Selling WiFi Marketing to Hospitality Businesses

If you run a digital marketing agency or MSP, selling WiFi marketing to hospitality businesses can be your next big revenue stream. Hotels, motels, and other hospitality businesses, like any establishment where customers remain on site for a long time, are ideal territory for WiFi marketing.

The opportunity to conduct WiFi marketing allows business owners to monetize what would otherwise be no more than an expected amenity, and resellers can take advantage of several lucrative ways to offer the service.

For example, an MSP that’s already providing WiFi-related services can present WiFi marketing as a standalone offering or as an add-on that enhances their existing catalog of managed services. MSPs and digital marketing agencies can provide WiFi marketing services as a turn-key or DIY offering.

The benefits of WiFi marketing make it easy to sell to hospitality business owners, but resellers must understand their prospects’ main business concerns. Those concerns are unique and closely tied to the behavior of their customers.

This article will present a profile of hospitality guests and the owners that serve them, with a look at how guest WiFi fits into their world. We’ll wrap up with a discussion about how WiFi marketing can lead to great opportunities for hospitality business owners to engage with their guests.

A Profile of Hospitality Customers

Many hospitality business customers won’t consider staying in an establishment that doesn’t have great reviews. The opinion of past guests combined with the prospect’s own assessment (based on your amenities) will determine if your client’s establishment is what they’re looking for.

All in all, hospitality business customers are a finicky group.

There’s a way for businesses to give prospects the proof of quality they need before pulling the trigger on a booking. By ensuring customer satisfaction and asking every guest to write a review, your clients can amass a huge number of positive reviews.

WiFi marketing can be instrumental in soliciting reviews, encouraging social sharing, and establishing a permanent communications channel with past guests, one that can be used to foster loyalty and prompt new bookings. 

A Profile of Hospitality Business Operators

Every owner of a hospitality business, whether they operate a hotel or motel, own rental cabins or a campground, or generate income from vacation rentals, is concerned about one thing: bookings.

The proprietor of a hospitality business is constantly on a mission to increase bookings, and they do that by ensuring guest satisfaction and prioritizing targeted engagement with customers. The ability of competitors to market online with dynamic pricing has created incredibly fierce competition, so small- and medium-sized hospitality businesses must do all they can to attract guests, encourage return visits, and fill their rooms during the offseason.

WiFi marketing can help them do that.

By helping to automate and optimize customer outreach, WiFi marketing creates a connection between the business owner and past guests. This open line of communication can be used to foster loyalty as the business owner uses it to present attractive offers, trigger social media engagement, and encourage repeat visits.

Hospitality Guest WiFi Marketing in Action

On the surface, some of the major benefits of WiFi marketing, the ability to collect customer contact info and behavioral data, may appear to be somewhat redundant in the hospitality business compared to other types of brick-and-mortar companies.

For example, because of the guest registration process, (something that does not happen in restaurants), a hotel operator already knows who the guest is, how long they stay, when they last visited, etc., all without the guest ever connecting to their WiFi network.

WiFi marketing facilitates opportunities that guest registration and checkout don’t, most significantly, the ability to flow real-time customer data into the client’s marketing stack.

When driven by the data collected via a managed WiFi network, clients’ marketing processes can be put on autopilot, with triggers controlling the content and timing of promotional messaging. Clients can integrate WiFi analytics with 3rd party CRM and other parts of their marketing operations.

That makes WiFi marketing just as applicable in hospitality businesses as it is in other types of businesses.

When you explain the role that WiFi marketing can have in customer engagement, hospitality business owners will understand that it can be a valuable addition to their marketing strategy. By breaking down the on-site and off-site engagement opportunities that WiFi marketing creates, you’ll be presenting prospects with the service’s most powerful selling points. 

On-Site Engagement Opportunities

For many types of hospitality businesses, complimentary guest WiFi service is an expected amenity and therefore must be provided if the business is to remain competitive.

While customers may consider guest WiFi a basic service, for hospitality business owners, it can be a path to highly targeted customer engagement.

For example, when hotel guests access the WiFi network, they could be prompted to log in via Facebook, Twitter, or another social media channel. That new contact info will give the business owner a way to stay in touch with the guests on what is probably their most-viewed platform.

The WiFi network splash screen could be used to present a welcome note (with a reminder about amenities and loyalty program perks), and it can ask guests to leave a review on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

When guests “like” the hotel’s website, tweet about the hotel, or check-in from the hotel on their social media accounts, that activity will help increase social media engagement, which in turn can lead to increased bookings.

Off-Site Engagement Opportunities

WiFi marketing is especially effective in helping hospitality business owners connect with their customers. Your clients can leverage social media and other communication channels to reach out with automated loyalty programs, solicit social media sharing and reviews, and present targeted digital ads.

The fact that WiFi marketing data can seamlessly flow into your client’s marketing processes, driving customer engagement with very little manual intervention, is one of the great strengths of this incredible approach to digital marketing. 

Hospitality Businesses—The Perfect Arena for WiFi Marketing

If a hotel operator could get their loyalty marketing messages in front of their customers, targeted and timed with precision, by simply flipping the switch on an automatic customer engagement machine, they’d jump at the chance.

WiFi marketing can be that machine.

Hospitality business owners who go all-in with WiFi marketing will experience explosive growth, and resellers who offer WiFi marketing can look forward to the same, as engaging in this flexible, insightful breed of digital marketing increases revenue for the client and the reseller alike!

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