Selling WiFi Marketing to Gyms

If you’re an MSP or run a digital marketing agency and weren’t working with gyms before, WiFi marketing can open up a whole new customer audience for you.

Many types of brick-and-mortar businesses can benefit from WiFi marketing, but gyms are especially productive territory for this insightful approach to marketing. The gym business calls upon owners to motivate and encourage customers more than other types of businesses, which requires specialized customer engagement and loyalty marketing.

As valuable as WiFi marketing is for gym owners, it’s even more valuable for resellers.

An MSP that’s already providing guest WiFi services can monetize WiFi marketing services as a standalone offering or as a bundled add-on that sweetens their existing offering. MSPs and digital marketing agencies can provide WiFi marketing services in a turn-key or DIY plan, with the client’s business gaining valuable insight into customer behavior and enjoying the increased revenue that comes from automated loyalty programs.

WiFi marketing is easy to sell and implement, but to sell the service to a gym, a reseller must understand the gym owner’s business concerns, and the only way to do that is to understand the gym owner’s customers.

This article will present a profile of gym customers and owners with a focus on how guest WiFi fits into their world. Then we’ll look at how WiFi marketing leads to an incredible range of opportunities for your client to engage with gym members.

A Profile of Gym Customers

Gym goers are different from other guest WiFi users. What brings them into the building can’t compete with the draw of hotels and restaurants, where food, fun, and a chance to rest have obvious appeal.

No, a gym guest is there to engage in a grueling activity: working out.

WiFi marketing targeted at gym guests gives owners the chance to motivate them and offer encouragement to keep a regular exercise schedule. For gym members who are serious about consistently working out, and even more so for customers who exercise on a sporadic basis, highly targeted messages can give them the push they need.

When a gym’s customers are happy, healthy and committed to exercise, the owner of that place will be able to sell more services to those members through laser-focused customer outreach. Plus, through reviews and social sharing, a gym owner can capitalize on the existing customer satisfaction to attract new clients. WiFi marketing is a key component in both of those strategies, and more. 

Speaking of gym owners, let’s look at what makes them tick.

A Profile of Gym Operators

The proprietor of a gym wakes up every day thinking about one thing: attracting new customers. Then their other top priority comes to mind⁠—customer retention. 

The high churn that’s common in gym membership has created a landscape where gym owners must perpetually seek new members. For most types of businesses, an aggressive drive for new customers might be a temporary growth initiative—for gym owners, it’s a way of life!

The other half of addressing membership churn is getting new and existing members to stay. Waning commitment to exercise can cause gym attendance to drop in priority. Also, competition from other local gyms can be fierce.

WiFi marketing is the ideal channel to attract new gym members, motivate active members, encourage workouts after an absence, and sell additional services. By using WiFi marketing to run automated loyalty marketing campaigns, gym owners can address their two biggest concerns, increasing membership and retaining customers.

Gym Guest WiFi Marketing in Action

WiFi marketing opens new channels for customer engagement and reveals details about customer behavior.

As part of accessing a gym’s WiFi network, members will provide valuable contact information. Even if the gym collects members’ email addresses and phone numbers as part of registration, having the member’s social media info will provide a new way to engage with that member.

WiFi marketing services also allow gym owners to gain useful insights into the behavior of their members. By analyzing high and low visitation times, business owners can optimize staffing and service offerings. Data about an individual member’s last visit—when it was and how long they stayed—can help gym operators tailor their outreach, whether it’s via email, text, or social media, to motivate and encourage the member.

It’s easy for resellers to explain the benefits of WiFi marketing to their clients and prospects, and gym owners tend to be especially receptive to the value proposition. By describing the on-site and off-site engagement opportunities that WiFi marketing creates, you’ll be hitting on the service’s greatest selling points. 

On-Site Engagement Opportunities

People like to escape into their own world while exercising, and that often means headphones and streaming content. Guest WiFi is a must-have amenity in a gym.

While a gym member may consider guest WiFi a baseline service, for the gym owner, it can be a great way to engage gym members while they’re inside the building. When members access the WiFi network, a splash screen can solicit a review or ask the member to check in on Facebook. A promotional message, synched with the user disconnecting from the network, could suggest an after-workout smoothie at the client’s juice bar.

WiFi marketing has effective applications for targeting gym members during their visit, and even more for engaging with them after.

Off-Site Engagement Opportunities

A lot of the power of WiFi marketing comes from collected user data. Gym owners can track the time of day members arrive, how long they stay, how frequently they visit the gym, and more.

Such analytics can be used to target gym members based on their behavior, for example, regular exercisers could get a “keep it up” message while slackers could get a nudge to resume working out; of course, both messages would include information about the gym’s latest promotion.

For off-site engagement, the customer data and visitor metrics provided by WiFi marketing can enable gym owners to automate loyalty programs, present targeted digital ads, and optimize all forms of customer communication.

Gyms—The Perfect Arena for WiFi Marketing

While a CrossFit enthusiast may disagree, exercise is not one of the basic life needs. It’s optional, and it makes you sore and sweaty. For that reason, gym owners must go out of their way to create a relationship with their members, one that’s a constant source of encouragement and motivation.

WiFi marketing can be a key part of a customer engagement strategy to keep gym patrons happily exercising and paying membership fees, and, as a reseller of WiFi marketing services, your business will prosper as well!

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