Help Local Clients Address Crisis Concerns with WiFi Marketing

As your brick-and-mortar clients slowly get back on their feet after coronavirus fears subside, they’ll need help executing the specialized outreach that will be required to engage with their anxious customers. WiFi marketing can be instrumental in achieving that goal.

The global COVID-19 crisis will leave in its wake a business environment that none of us have ever had to deal with—we can expect an unprecedented shift in how customers interact with the businesses that serve them. The shift won’t be permanent, but businesses will need to practice creativity and agility in their marketing efforts if they’re going to succeed during each phase of the coming recovery.

This article will present five ways that marketing agencies can help their brick-and-mortar clients leverage guest WiFi to reopen strong.

Use Available Customer Data & Quickly Collect More with a WiFi Marketing Solution

When a business reopens, its first objective should be to use available customer contact data to begin communicating with customers. Most agencies will encounter one of the following scenarios, and there’s an appropriate response for each one.

  • The business has collected customer data through WiFi marketing.
    Agency Response: Use that data for customer outreach and immediately begin collecting more.
  • The business has collected customer data but does not use a WiFi marketing solution.
    Agency Response: Install guest WiFi and immediately begin collecting customer data. As for the existing list, it may not be very long, but past customers can be an especially receptive audience, so use that data right away to get the ball rolling on customer engagement.
  • The business has no customer data and no guest WiFi network.
    Agency Response: Install guest WiFi with a WiFi marketing platform. You will immediately begin collecting customer data; use it to initiate customer outreach.

The common factors here are the immediate use of collected data to engage the customer base, and a heavy reliance on WiFi marketing to supply that data. These should be top priorities when businesses reopen. Agencies should use customer data that’s on-hand but take advantage of WiFi marketing as the fastest way to build up the client’s marketing database.

Reassure Customers with Timely, Targeted Loyalty Marketing

It’s unclear when it will happen, but we’ll all get back to normal after the global health crisis subsides. One of the most important things for brick-and-mortar business owners to understand is that the transition from locked-down to fully open-for-business will probably be gradual.

As a reseller of WiFi marketing, you have an opportunity to help your clients re-engage with their customers at every step. 

Here are five ways that WiFi marketing can help your clients reassure their customers and get back to business as quickly as possible.

1. Get the Word Out—”We’re Open”

Customers won’t assume your client’s business has reopened. Now is the time to reach out and let people know. This message should be widely broadcasted using all available contact channels, including text, social media, and email. 

Even if a meager contact list initially limits the scope of your client’s outreach, as more customers visit, more will share their experience via social media. When visitors tell prospects and past customers that your client’s business is the place to be, there’s no better way to publicize its open status.

2. Email Is the Right Channel for a Serious Message

A tweet about how safe your client’s business is will not be taken as seriously as the same message delivered via a different channel. A carefully crafted email would be better, and it’s worth mentioning that your client’s website should be updated to reflect their response to the health crisis.

Help your clients use their collected customer data and the right communications channel to reach out with vitally important information that will put customers’ minds at ease.

3. Social Media Engagement Can Foster a Sense of Community

Social media campaigns are great for generating a “we’re-in-this-together” feeling between your client and their customers. You should facilitate that communication, first by using available social media contact info and then by focusing heavily on social media outreach after new customer data is acquired via the guest WiFi network.

Social media is the perfect channel to let customers know that your client’s business is there for them in this difficult time.

4. A Personalized Message Can Be a Digital Hug

The more personalized your client’s messages, the better they will resonate with customers. In crafting messages, agencies should use every available customer detail, including first name, gender, and any other collected demographic info. 

Collecting that kind of personal customer data is one of WiFi marketing’s many strengths. 

Brick-and-mortar locations can capture data about visitors and use it to create a personalized customer experience, tailoring the content and timing of their messages based on customer demographics and behavior.

In addition to using collected visitor profile data, agencies can take advantage of WiFi analytics when implementing their client’s personalized customer outreach strategy. Analyzing who connects to guest WiFi can give client companies a list of people to retarget.

A well-timed “Thank you, {firstname}!” message will let a customer know how much your client appreciates them. If you can help your clients convey a heartfelt message of compassion and understanding, that can improve engagement with their frustrated customer base that’s yearning to come back.

5. Look Ahead to Brighter Days

Agencies should plan a little further out on the calendar than they usually do. Cooped up customers are eagerly anticipating a return to normal life, but most know they’ll have to wait a while.

Any other year, promoting a Father’s Day brunch in May might seem premature, but getting clients and customers excited about what’s going to happen when the economy reopens can start right now, and making use of collected customer data is the way to do that.

Customer Communication Has Never Been More Important

As we begin to recover from the global crisis, customer communication should be your client’s top priority.

OK, if they don’t do WiFi marketing yet, make that the top priority—but then it’s back to customer outreach!

Your clients may have a customer contact list but feel it’s not the right time to use it, or they haven’t figured out how to adapt their messaging to speak to current customer concerns.

You have a huge opportunity to help those businesses rebound. Through targeted outreach that’s made possible using on-hand customer data and newly acquired data from guest WiFi, businesses can engage with long-missed customers and thank their all-important first returning customers.

If you’re new to WiFi marketing, this is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with this cutting edge approach; as the economy returns to normal, you’ll be able to hit the ground running at a time when prospects and clients need you the most!

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