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Kevin Zicherman

Selling WiFi Marketing to Beauty Salons

Your digital marketing agency is sitting on a goldmine. A quick search of area salons will likely yield dozens of prospective clients—business owners who could benefit greatly from WiFi marketing service. Your agency can leverage the salons’ guest WiFi to improve customer communications and execute targeted marketing campaigns. The benefits of WiFi marketing are easy

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Kevin Zicherman

How WiFi Marketing Can Help Hotels Rebound During the Pandemic

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the hotel industry. If your agency has clients that own hotels, you can be sure that those businesses are struggling. As a marketer, you can help hospitality clients rebound. In this article, we’ll explain a two-pronged approach to increase clients’ hotel bookings. The strategy involves two simultaneous

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Kevin Zicherman

How to Win Back Restaurant Customers After Reopening with WiFi Marketing

Your agency’s restaurant clients are reeling from the impact that the current health crisis has had on their businesses.  You can help them rebound faster. Restaurant customers are still out there, but their feelings about visiting your client’s establishment have fundamentally changed. WiFi marketing can be instrumental in addressing the major shift that’s occurred in

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Kevin Zicherman

How Guest WiFi Can Help with Contact Tracing

The COVID-19 pandemic has brick-and-mortar business owners struggling. With costly operational changes to make, concerns about the health of their staff and patrons, and a devastating drop in revenue, entrepreneurs are dealing with a flood of problems. Many are having trouble accomplishing all that will be required to get their businesses back on track. That’s

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Kevin Zicherman

Grow Local Customer Review Ratings with WiFi Marketing

Before the average person visits a restaurant for the first time, they check out the reviews and ratings online. If you’re a marketer that’s been targeting that person, it’s a pivotal moment in the process of customer engagement. The prospect is not only aware of your client’s establishment, they’re investigating it online. There are ways

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Grow Your MSP Business with WiFi Marketing

Successful companies prosper because they focus on growth. For an MSP, adding services is a proven way to attract more customers and increase revenue—two cornerstones of an effective growth strategy. Adding WiFi marketing services, especially, has the potential to spark a long-lasting increase in revenue, bring in new clients, and add value for existing clients.

WiFi marketing can be like an adrenaline shot for a growing MSP. It should be combined with other, fundamental activities that foster business growth, like setting revenue goals and sales targets, focusing on flawless service delivery, and considering client profitability when defining and pricing your services.

It’s possible for an MSP to monetize WiFi marketing services as a value-add to sell more of their existing managed WiFi services, or they can break out the service as a separate offering. In both scenarios, a lucrative turn-key offering can be provided alongside a cost-effective DIY alternative.

In this article, we’ll explore how an MSP that provides WiFi network installation and management services can create a new, recurring stream of revenue and improve customer retention by adding WiFi marketing to their offering. We’ll also look at the impact that WiFi marketing can have on an MSP’s ability to sell more of their managed WiFi services and more of their services in general.

Two Keys to MSP Business Growth

MSPs who want to grow their business should focus on recurring revenue and customer retention. 

WiFi marketing has an immediate impact on client revenue, so it’s a powerful magnet for customers who have experienced a successful campaign. That’s understandable—as a business owner, when you find a steady stream of new customers, you don’t abandon it, you embrace it!

In this section, we’ll dive deeper into how WiFi marketing can help you retain clients, but first, let’s look at another benefit of providing the service; it can create a source of recurring revenue for MSPs. 

Recurring Revenue

Offering services that are billed directly to the client in a scheduled way is a path to business growth and WiFi marketing can be a key component in that strategy.

WiFi marketing services can be sold as a turnkey offering, an approach that’s often applied by digital marketing agencies, and sometimes by MSPs.

It can also be provided as a DIY offering in which clients run their own campaigns—that’s a scalable service that’s perfect for businesses that already offer WiFi network installation and management services. Clients interact directly with your branded platform to run their own campaigns using the access you grant them.

The DIY model takes only a moderate amount of effort to sign up new clients, but the result can be a large stable of customers happily paying to use a service that’s easy for you to manage, all while you sit back and enjoy a recurring revenue stream.

There’s a straight line between recurring revenue and business growth. Getting more long-term customers means increased revenue and that leads to business growth—it shouldn’t be that simple, but it is!

Customer Retention

A growing client list is good for business growth, but it requires existing customers to stay while new customers are added. WiFi marketing, with its huge impact on client revenue and its impressive ROI, ensures that all existing and new clients will sign on with your business for the long haul.

WiFi marketing is a catalyst for high-ROI techniques like email marketing, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. When clients see their revenue increase, they’ll want to return to the well that has been so profitable—your WiFi marketing services.

Sell More of Your Managed WiFi Services

The moment a client understands that offering guest WiFi will make them money instead of cost them money, they become much more interested in it!

An MSP providing WiFi network installation and management services can sell more of those services if they explain the incredible value proposition of WiFi marketing. Specifically, it’s very easy to implement and leads to improved customer engagement, which drives traffic and a steady increase in revenue.

Especially if you provide WiFi marketing as a DIY offering, you’ll be able to indirectly monetize it by bundling it with your existing WiFi service. That adds compelling value that will make formerly disinterested customers signing up for your WiFi services.

WiFi Marketing—A Springboard into New Business

The ability of WiFi marketing to help MSPs extend client engagements comes partly from the fact that it helps the client’s company succeed. Increased business and growth for the client means new needs will arise—needs that your MSP business can fill. In that way, WiFi marketing can trigger an increase in sales of your other services.

What’s more, the addition of WiFi marketing service can be your doorway to a new realm of business.

When you’re already handling WiFi network installation and management and you see how simple it can be to run a WiFi marketing campaign, you may seize the opportunity to offer a turnkey, white-glove WiFi marketing service. Imagine winning business away from a type company that most MSPs don’t even compete with, namely, digital marketing agencies!

Whether your client’s company thrives after taking advantage of your DIY WiFi marketing plan or you’ve been able to bill them for a comprehensive WiFi marketing service that’s getting results, when business is good for the client, it will be good for your company!

We hope this quick look at WiFi marketing and it’s potential to trigger growth in your MSP business has been helpful.

Building recurring revenue streams from an ever-expanding list of clients is a well-worn path to business growth, and MSPs should take advantage of the impact that adding WiFi marketing service can have on their business.

If you run an MSP that’s on the rise, consider adding WiFi marketing to the list of services you offer!

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