Who We Serve

We specialize in helping Retail Franchises, Marketing Agencies, Large Event Venues and Internet Service Providers easily integrate robust Social Wi-Fi Marketing solutions into existing workflows.

Retail Chains

  • Maintain consistent branded login experience across locations
  • Advanced real-time proximity analytics including dwell time
  • Centralized control with multiple location reporting

Marketing Agencies

  • Serve your clients under a branded domain dashboard
  • Automate marketing flow for post-connection experiences
  • Create custom-branded campaigns with custom apps

Event Venues

  • High availability infrastructure for large traffic surges
  • Custom login experiences with built-in banner ad server
  • Proximity analytics for data layering and robust reporting

Managed Service Providers

  • Extend services to your business clients on demand
  • Offer public Wi-Fi with lead generation via captive portal
  • Monetize your network by offering service plans or ads

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