What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi marketing is an innovative way for brick-and-mortar businesses to build customer loyalty by leveraging on-premise guest WiFi to run highly targeted digital ads, send emails & SMS messages, and automate other customer communications.

Why Local Businesses Need WiFi Marketing

Guest WiFi is a great way to keep customers coming back and staying longer. Brick-and-mortar locations, like cafes, restaurants, hotels, airports, malls, and others, are happy to oblige. But that’s just a small fraction of what a business can achieve with their guest WiFi.

Enter WiFi marketing. Instead of just giving away their WiFi passwords, a business can ask their customers to share some of their information and use it for loyalty marketing. It can be the customer’s phone number, email address, social media info, etc. With this data, business owners can engage with their best customers and hottest prospects and generate more revenue. Best of all, YOU can help get their guest WiFi working for them!

A cafe can invite their past guests to come back and check out new items on the menu, an airport traveler can get a message about special duty-free deals next time they travel through, the opportunities are endless! By delivering timely communication to customers already familiar with the business, brick-and-mortar businesses can easily increase the number of repeat visits, grow sales, and cultivate customer loyalty. It’s a huge marketing opportunity that many businesses fail to recognize.

Historically, online businesses had access to elaborate customer data that allowed them to tailor their communication and offers, applying precise targeting. Brick-and-mortar businesses were rarely afforded such luxury. Now, with WiFi marketing, they too can provide a personalized customer experience, ensuring they make the right offers to people who are most likely to be interested.

WiFi marketing analytics allow physical businesses to understand their customer demographics and make informed decisions. Depending on methods used, business owners can gather data about the customers’ gender, age, business locations they visited, how often, and how long they stayed.  Specific targeted offers can be sent to customers on or after a certain amount of visits to incentivize them to keep on coming back for more.

WiFi marketing is much easier to set up and automate, as opposed to complex and expensive loyalty card programs, for example. This way, businesses of any size can take advantage of this marketing channel.

Using WiFi marketing, businesses can build meaningful customer relationships, significantly increase brand recognition, and make highly informed business decisions, based on a deep understanding of their customer base.

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How WiFi Marketing Works

Over 50% customers stay longer at locations that provide free guest WiFi. The best part is that they don’t mind sharing their data to get access. Businesses can leverage this data for their targeted marketing efforts that benefit everyone involved. They can choose how and which data they want to collect, and customers, in turn, can choose what they would like to share out of available options—a phone number or email address, for example.

step 1


Guests connect to your open Wi-Fi network without a password.

step 2


Guests are asked to login using social media, email, or SMS to get access.

step 3


Create a fully immersive guest WiFi experience with videos, images, social widgets and more.

Trigger when guests connect to WiFi

Trigger when guests disconnect from WiFi

Trigger when guests have not returned

Trigger when it’s a guest’s birthday 🎂

Filter automations based on data points

Delayed actions for drip sequences

step 4


Automatically set ‘smart’ triggers and actions, such as sending an email, SMS/MMS message through the platform or via 3rd-party APIs.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Guest WiFi Marketing

  • Airports
    Offer secure Guest WiFi and track wait times and fooftall trends.
  • Shopping Malls
    Set up a mall network and generate advertising revenue.
  • Venues
    Engage guests with Social WiFi and generate customer data.
  • Retail
    Incentivize shoppers to connect to Guest WiFi and build loyalty.
  • Restaurants
    Keep customers loyal with automated email and SMS.
  • Hospitality
    Offer the most popular amenity to hotel guests and serve ads.
  • Automotive
    Offer Guest WiFi at dealerships and automate service reminders.
  • Vacation Properties
    Guests expect free, safe WiFi, so in exchange for viewing ads.

How a White Label WiFi Marketing Platform Can Help Your Business

  • Deliver a social-powered WiFi marketing solution under your own brand and domain.
  • Collect valuable social data, measure and optimize WiFi marketing campaigns in real-time.
  • Engage guests via email, SMS, social, advertisements, and thousands of 3rd-party integrations.
  • Automatically send user and demographic data instantly into your existing marketing database.
  • Build a retargeting list of customers who connect to Guest WiFi.
  • Automatically generate guest data for any business offering Guest WiFi.
  • Increase guest engagement and build customer loyalty.
  • Run your own WiFi advertising network with banner and video ads, reporting and CTR tracking.
  • Build and expand email marketing lists and social media presence.
  • Increase foot traffic, time spent and customer spend.
  • Set up, track and manage campaigns from anywhere in the world.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Boost social engagement and awareness.
  • Real-Time Engagement: Leverage existing coupon and loyalty efforts and drive incremental usage.
  • Chatbot Initiators: Automatically trigger your chatbots in Facebook™ Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • WiFi Loyalty & Coupons: Drive WiFi traffic to mobile contests and lead generation on-location.
  • Mobile Contests & Lead Generation: Ask guest on-location for their feedback and get instant results.
  • Guest Feedback & Surveys: Integrate directly with TripAdvisor for reputation management.
  • Reputation Management: Leverage our built-in TripAdvisor Review Express integration.

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