Add WiFi marketing functionality to your app with MyWiFi Networks

MyWiFi Networks offers a lightweight and flexible API that integrates with any software platform.

How Saas apps benefit from WiFi functionality

By adding WiFi functionality to your app, you open it up for more business opportunities.

Embed WiFi and increase user engagement

There aren’t many apps that have WiFi functionality embedded. By adding it to yours, you will give your users a great reason to engage with the app considerably more often and spend more time in it.

Expand your app’s functionality with WiFi marketing solutions

If you have a marketing or other app that serves local businesses, adding WiFi marketing solutions to it will give your clients a lucrative marketing channel to grow their business. It will also add another revenue stream for you.

Capture real-time data

You can gather real-time demographic data, examine presence analytics, and make informed businesses decisions based on this information, or enable your local clients to do the same.

Why is MyWiFi Networks great for SaaS Applications?

Aiutiamo ad aprire le porte fornendo una nuova tecnologia di Social WiFi Marketing ai vostri clienti locali, e generando i dati necessari per l'upselling di campagne di email marketing e social ad retargeting.

“MyWiFi Networks has completely transformed my SaaS application. They make it easier to charge my clients recurring fees for something that actually helps collect the data I need to upsell other services.  The support team and platform are great!”

Stella Moore

Stella Moore

Fondatore, Pixie Digital

Why SaaS apps partner with MyWiFi Networks

Our robust API allows you to seamless integrate into your existing apps.

Only your brand in your app

When you embed MyWiFi Networks into your app, you can rest assured that the only branding visible to your users will be your own. Even if you decide to offer WiFi marketing services to your customers, MyWiFi Networks is a completely white label platform made for you.

Launch fast, cut costs and don’t waste time

Instead of running costly and time-consuming development projects building your own in-app WiFi functionality, you can embed MyWiFi Networks and go straight to launch.

Endless opportunities for your clients

MyWiFi Networks offers a flexible API that allows you to create customizations required to fit your specific in-app experience.

Le nostre caratteristiche

Alcune delle nostre caratteristiche che sono state realizzate per le Agenzie Digitali

Il tuo brand

Un cruscotto sicuro di 100% White Label personalizzato con il tuo logo, colori e termini legali.

Analisi WiFi

Visualizza in tempo reale l'attività degli ospiti WiFi, inclusi i dati degli utenti sociali, tempo speso e altro ancora.

Pagine splash

Crea esperienze WiFi personalizzate con il nostro
drag-and-drop splash page designer.


Imposta trigger, ritardi e azioni per inviare i tuoi dati a più di 1.000 integrazioni di app 3rd-party.

Accesso client

Grant subuser access to a simplified dashboard to view reports or make campaign changes.

Facile installazione

Utilizza la nostra procedura guidata di installazione per aggiungere posizioni, hardware e campagne senza necessità di codifica.

CRM vendite

Genera automaticamente anteprime live delle pagine di login WiFi con la nostra integrazione con Facebook™.


Accessibile in oltre 30 lingue per poter supportare i clienti in tutto il mondo.

Soluzioni WiFi per gli ospiti collaudate

Siamo orgogliosi di servire alcune aziende straordinarie.

Ascolta cosa dicono le agenzie digitali su MyWiFi

Why Partner with MyWiFi Networks?

WiFi Marketing for SaaS Applications

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Si integra con tutto l'hardware WiFi

Aggiungi Social WiFi al tuo portfolio

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