Use MyWiFi with Wistia

Embed your Wistia videos into your Guest WiFi splash pages.

MyWiFi + Wistia.  Better together.

  • Engage with video
    The best way to engage users is with video! Using our Wistia integration, you can easily embed your Wistia videos right into your login pages to engage WiFi guests as they connect.
  • Paste your embed code
    To embed your Wistia videos in your splash pages, you can either paste your Wistia embed code into your Thank You page, or serve full page interstitial ads using the Ad Server.

About Wistia

Wistia | Video Hosting for Business

Wistia provides simple software for creating, managing, and sharing videos for business. With a customizable player, detailed analytics, and Soapbox, Wistia is the go-to video software provider for 300,000 creative video marketers who want to grow their business.

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Use Cases

Engage Your Guests

Show videos to WiFi guests on login to provide a more entertaining experience. 

Segment Videos

Display different videos at different times of the day to maximize relevancy. 

Share Your Story

Utilize existing video creative and engage your Guest WiFi users.

Integrate Wistia with MyWiFi

See why MyWiFi Networks makes Wistia better.
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