White Label Guest WiFi Hotspots

Cost-effective, unbranded WiFi hotspots that are perfect for smaller locations.

Meet Your SMB's New Best Friend

We manufacture our own unbranded ‘Guest WiFi Hotspot’ so you can install them at small business locations, waiting rooms, wireless kiosks and more!

All devices ship with the following built-in features:

Auto-Updating Firmware

Ships with pre-installed firmware for plug-and-play setup.

Presence Analytics

Includes built-in Presence Analytics to track visitors and passerbys.

DNS Content Filter

Inclides built-in DNS Content Filter to block bad traffic.

Session Controls

Remotely control session time and limit Guest WiFi usage.

Block Abusers

Easily blacklist and whitelist users to manage network access.


Purchase our unbranded hardware at the wholesale price of $39/ea.

More Hardware Integrations

MyWiFi Networks integrates with your business process.

Launch your WiFi platform

See why MyWiFi’s white label hardware is the best for SMBs.

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