Use MyWiFi with iContact

Boost your Guest WiFi list with the web’s most affordable autoresponder.

MyWiFi + iContact.  Better together.

  • Seamless API Integration
    Generate your iContact API and add it to your MyWiFi dashboard and you are ready to grow your WiFi guests email list.
  • Subscriber Management
    Keep your email list healthy with the various tools and services offered by iContact. Grow your email list the proper way.

How to integrate MyWiFi Networks with iContact

About iContact

iContact - Affordable Email Marketing Solution

Sending marketing emails is easy with iContact’s business email platform. Go from signing up to sending emails in minutes. No marketing experience required, no strings attached.

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Use Cases

Measure Email Marketing Efforts

Make data driven decisions on your email marketing.

Segment Your Audience

Group your audience and automatically send custom tailored emails. 


Automatically send email messages to your Guest WiFi users based on your chosen conditions.

Integrate iContact with MyWiFi

See why MyWiFi Networks makes iContact better.
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