Use MyWiFi with AdRoll

Automatically retarget WiFi guests and display ads that matter for better ROI.

MyWiFi + AdRoll.  Better together.

  • Dynamic Ads
    Deliver tailored ads to your Guest WiFi users when they login and choose where and when they see the advertisement that would matter to them.
  • Embed Codes
    Integrating AdRoll with your campaigns is as easy as copying embed codes from your AdRoll account and pasting them on our Ads Manager.

How to integrate MyWiFi Networks with AdRoll

About AdRoll


Dare to grow your business with AdRoll — the E-commerce Growth Platform helping over 37,000 brands grow revenue through seamless marketing and ads.

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Use Cases

Monetize Your Campaigns

Generate revenue from tailored ads that you display

Connect with your Guests

Reach your guests across all channels from one platform

Powerful Insights

Get to know your guests through real time insights from your ad campaigns

Integrate AdRoll with MyWiFi

See why MyWiFi Networks makes AdRoll better.
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