Fighting Crisis with WiFi Marketing

How to Save Local Businesses and Grow Your Revenue

Fighting Crisis with WiFi Marketing

How to Save Local Businesses and Grow Your Revenue


  • With Crisis Comes Opportunity: Why WiFi marketing is more important now than ever before.
  • Ways to Use WiFi Marketing: How to use Guest WiFi for pandemic relief. 
  • How to Sell This to Clients: Step-by-step sales & installation process explained
  • Platform Demo: White label platform setup & live demo
  • Getting Started: Kickstart training programs (all new)
  • Free Learning Resources: The WiFi Marketing Sales Playbook

Welcome to this special training event, my name is Kevin Zicherman, I am founder and CEO of MyWiFi Networks.

I’m gonna be going through a lot of amazing, really good content here.

In fact, a lot of the content that I’m gonna go through here is stuff that I would typically charge a lot of money for, I would do private consulting, I would do some strategy calls, some onboarding calls.

So I’ve decided I just really don’t wanna hold anything back, I wanna share everything with you.

So if you’re just getting started with WiFi marketing, if you don’t even know what WiFi marketing is, all the way to if you’re already have 10, 20, 30 clients and you’re looking for some new strategies to scale your business, today, I’m gonna be talking about why WiFi marketing, so I’ll really explain about why you need to incorporate WiFi marketing into your business.

I’ll talk about landing your first client.

So how to reach out to your first client, what to say.

Really, the trigger points to talk about and the kind of value that you can offer to that client.

I’ll walk through some sales playbooks.

So this is a great way to plant the seed with WiFi marketing to show immediate value to prove that you’re gonna do what you’re gonna say you’re gonna do when you come with an upfront $5,000 or $10,000 contract to your clients, this will help you convert that client really easily and then give you that path to upsell additional services.

I’ll go through a live platform demo exactly how to set up the entire system, how to set up a client end to end, including automations.

And that’s why I call it endless possibilities.

‘Cause in fact, our automation engine integrates with all the tools you’re probably already using today.

Things like MailChimp, Salesforce, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, any CRM, any email provider, Zapier, et cetera.

This will supercharge your entire local marketing business, your digital agency, or your MSP managed services company.

And I’ll also share with you guys, for those who haven’t gotten started yet, how to get started really and how to scale your business from there.

Then I’ll, at the end, have some time for some Q&A, some questions that I’ll be happy to answer as we go.

So those who don’t know, MyWiFi Networks, we are the leading guest WiFi platform with social data capture, visitor metrics, and marketing automation.

We have over 3,000 partners in over 54 countries worldwide.

We integrate with over 1,000 different third party tools, WiFi hardware, et cetera, both native and indirect.

And we’ve had now over 100 million guests to have connected to our networks globally.

And what we specialize, what makes us different is that give you everything you need to sell and manage WiFi marketing solutions for local businesses.

What I mean by local is any brick and mortar business, right, from a small restaurant to a large stadium, offers guests WiFi.

This is your opportunity to convert that regular WiFi into a supercharged WiFi marketing solution that generates data and helps build value for them and their guests.

So what we do is we help monetize guest WiFi, whether it’s existing WiFi networks, and we also have plug and play hardware that allows you to take any location, mobile or not, and you can do this in a remote food truck right to any restaurant.

You can plug in our device, turn it on, walk away, and start capturing leads and data, automate things like email messages, SMS marketing, on autopilot for your clients.

And all this is powered by your brand.

No one knows that MyWiFi exists, your guests don’t see it, you’re able to then manage this for clients like Burger King, Chevrolet, Subway, et cetera.

We have over 8,000 locations globally that use our service.

And we also integrate with apps, so the benefit of this is that, if you’re already charging your clients for email marketing or Facebook ads or anything that really is dependent on data, you can now supercharge all of these existing services and charge a lot more money.

So a little bit more about me, I am founder and CEO of MyWiFi Networks, I have over 20 years of mobile and WiFi experience.

I have over five years in developing this platform that you’re here to see today, and I’m committed to the growth of WiFi marketing, I truly believe that almost every hotspot in the world is gonna have some kind of WiFi marketing element to it.

If not, it is a wasted resource and just a missed opportunity for the business.

And why are we talking about WiFi marketing in general? Well, we live in a connected world.

Everyone is connected at all times, and guest WiFi is truly everywhere, these are personal pictures that I just took when in Europe, and really anywhere in North America, anywhere in the world, you’ll see WiFi signs everywhere.

And according to Cisco, 96% of consumers prefer to shop at stores that have free WiFi and they’re also more likely to return.

According to Oracle, almost 60% of shoppers actually demand in-store WiFi.

And according to Business Insider, half of small businesses surveyed said that customers spent more money when free WiFi is available.

Now, think about that, if you had a way to have your local business clients get their guests to spend more money by just plugging something in and turning it on, I mean, that’s a no brainer, but this also solves a major problem happening to the brick and mortar industry, it’s a little phenomenon called being Amazoned.

What does that mean? I mean, I don’t know about you, but when I go to a store like Best Buy or go to a shopping mall, I’m probably only there to touch and feel the product, to look at the TV, to touch the sweater.

But then I immediately pull out my phone and go online.

I see if I can find a better price, maybe a different color, and I transfer that profit from Best Buy to online, and as you see, it’s now called the Amazon showroom, that also is a term that’s been used a lot.

And places like shopping malls, retail stores, any place that’s offering product, they currently still have the advantage of people coming to their stores to touch and feel the product.

And if they don’t adapt, if they don’t capture that guest data and do something with it, they’re gonna die, and we see it every single day, I had other charts I was gonna share with you, but I don’t have to share these stats, like every day, we see another brick and mortar location going out of business or declaring bankruptcy, it’s not sustainable.

So you have to start thinking about guest WiFi as an ROI or a return on investment.

You can monetize existing guest WiFi hardware, hardware that’s already installed, the investment’s been made, but it’s not being monetized.

Or you plug in new hardware and have it monetized immediately overnight.

You collect customer data, you can integrate with your existing marketing stack, and you can grow new revenue streams for your business, your clients, and everyone in the chain.

There’s 400% growth in the next three years in WiFi hotspots, this is according to Cisco as well.

It is all growing at a rate that’s truly amazing, it’s called the Internet of Things that’s really supporting this.

A lot of connected devices, the need for WiFi, the need for connectivity everywhere, municipalities to retail to even residential.

There’s gonna be almost a trillion dollars spent in the next few years on WiFi marketing technology.

And that’s because most devices still require WiFi to work.

Tablets, 86% of them require a WiFi connection, and 75% of smartphone owners use WiFi on their devices every single day.

What’s pushing this is generation Z.

Now, generation Z are people born between 95 to 2012, they make up about 40% of consumers.

And they are digital natives, they’re addicted to WiFi, they are connecting, and they are gonna be accounting for the future of retail and the future of your local clients.

What’s important is that you need to start incorporating this technology into brick and mortar experiences, things like offering connectivity like WiFi to collect the data and then to monetize those marketing campaigns, to help build customer relationships on a person to person basis, on a personal level, to provide customized products and services, and to help share those company missions and values in the long term, really to help your brand and your client’s brand stand out.

We focus on 100% white label channel distributions.

So we work with managed service providers, value added resellers, digital agencies, ISPs, internet service providers, SaaS applications that allow, through our API, you can rebuild the entire system under your brand right inside your dashboard.

And we also work with ad networks to really add more screens and add more media to sell.

The benefit of us, again, is that we give you everything you need to launch your own WiFi marketing platform.

That’s your own software as a service, it’s not licensing somebody else and having powered by, it’s your own domain, your own platform 100% and you own the data.

And for the cost, for those who already have seen our pricing page, the cost that you’d spend with us would be less than a fraction of what your hosting cost would be, never mind actually developing anything that comes close to what we have.

And the beauty about this is that we give you everything that’s turnkey, all you need to do is have your clients plug it in and turn it on, and you start capturing data automatically.

You can sell anywhere in the world, you’re not limited by geographic location, you can pick up the phone, you can reach out remotely, offer this to clients, you can even install this remotely using different types of hardware.

We’re available in over 30 languages anywhere in the world.

How this works, how to set it up, and really the value that you get from your client, it’s all about working with existing internet connection and adding a better guest WiFi solution, integrating that data you collect with third party tools, and then triggering automations to get clients to stay loyal and coming back.

The way that we capture this data is through social integrations.

So I’m sure you connected with Facebook before somewhere to register for a website or to sign up somewhere.

It’s the exact same thing.

Benefit of us is that you can add your own Facebook app, so it’s your logo, your brand, your domain.

This is a huge benefit, obviously, to add trust to the guests that are connecting, it can be your client’s logo here as well.

So a guest would come, see this flash page or the popup for the WiFi to sign in.

They would click Connect with Facebook, they would agree to the terms, they would see a thank you page and get redirected to the site or to the location of your choice.

But the benefit here is that you’re capturing valid emails.

And separately, if you wanna collect phone numbers, you can connect with SMS, this is also powered by your Twilio account and your phone numbers.

So you own all this data.

It is a legal double opt-in, so the guest would click on Connect with SMS, they’d enter their cell phone number, they’d immediately get a three digit code.

Now you can one click paste that right into the box, you connect, and you are authenticated onto the network.

So we get a ton of data, full name, email address, phone number, device type, whether the guest’s new or returning, how long they spend there, their birthday, their gender in some cases if they have that information available or they share it with us.

We get their operating system, automation history, aggregated revenue that they spend, a ton more data all depending on the connection that they choose.

And we have, like I mentioned, over 8000 global installations all around the world.

So chances are, you’ve already used this somewhere, you just don’t know it.

And this is your opportunity to manage this for your clients powered by you while you collect all the profit.

And the benefit of working with us, again, is integrating your own software, so we have a ton of different integrations like social apps, auto responders, email services, CRMs, loyalty programs, review services, text and SMS gateways that you can plug in and use our triggers, our delays, and our actions to really automate your entire marketing flow based on real-time guest activity.

So for example, somebody comes, returns for the second time, three hours after they leave, they get a text message.

Hey pizza lover, 20% off this weekend, please come back.

Obviously, the sky is the limit.

So let’s talk about landing your first client, hopefully by now, you understand how WiFi marketing works.

Your first client.

It’s really about understanding the value that you’re gonna be offering to that client.

So when I train individuals on, let’s say you’re just getting started or you’re reaching out to someone new, you’re not calling them up and talking about WiFi out of the gate.

You’re talking about the awesome things you can do, so this little image hopefully explains that your potential customer, when you add your product into the mix, when you plug in WiFi marketing into that restaurant, they’re not necessarily, they’re not buying WiFi marketing from you, they’re not buying a hotspot.

What they’re buying is the amazing things your solution will do, the impressive emails, the SMS marketing, the loyalty, the increased revenue that their business will experience by using what your business sells.

So remember, you’re not selling WiFi, you’re selling data.

You’re, in fact, selling loyalty, you’re selling the ability for your local business clients to retain their customers, to communicate with their customers, to better understand their customers.

Because local businesses are desperate for results.

And the best way to sell a client is to understand what their pain points are, what they’re trying to achieve.

So with our research, most businesses suffer from not having enough customers, from not understanding their customers, from not knowing how to engage their customers, they don’t have an email list, they don’t have an SMS list, they don’t know how to reach out to their, who are your guests, I have no idea.

All right, I think that’s a common thing, especially if you talk to your clients.

They need a better way to manage their reputation and a better way to drive more positive reviews for their business.

And for them, it’s hard to increase customer loyalty and repeat visits ’cause they don’t have a strategy or a frictionless, easy way to collect that guest data.

‘Cause remember, in a connected world, it’s all about the data you have and the ability to reach out to those clients online.

And it’s very difficult to grow an email or SMS list, I’m not sure the last time you’ve ever been out for dinner somewhere and if the waitress or waiter ever ask you for your email address or your cell phone number, you think that’s a bit creepy, versus getting incentivized to connect to WiFi, it’s a real frictionless easy way to collect data from your guests and having them more than willing to do it.

So remember, you’re selling your clients guest data and loyalty, you’re selling them their own customers, in a way.

They do the hard work to get those customers into their business.

Now you’re able to capture that data and then help them find more customers similar to those customers, showing a massive ROI.

So really, when you’re thinking about supercharging your business or specifically here talking about a digital agency, you’re capturing different types of data, you’re capturing email addresses, you’re capturing, you’re building a custom audience, and you’re also capturing things like phone numbers or Facebook Messenger connections.

So you can now automate emails, things like notifications, newsletters, you can send that to third parties like MailChimp.

You can build custom audiences.

You can also trigger chatbots, do loyalty rewards, or do personalized messaging through SMS.

We support any kind of installation not directly, but we help you support places like airports, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitality, event venues, automotive dealerships, retail locations, and even vacation properties.

Based on our experience, the most common businesses to target are places like restaurants, like coffee shops, cafes, bakeries, family restaurants or fast food outlets.

Places where people dwell.

So specifically like hospitality where somebody would hang out at a hotel, go to a fitness studio, maybe stream Netflix or Spotify at retails stores as a call to action.

Remember, they’re being Amazoned, so they pull out their phone in a retail store, now you have a way to capture their data before they just go buy it elsewhere.

And auto dealerships to help track how many people come in and out of the dealership, how long they spend hanging around certain vehicles, and the ability to trigger automatic messages if they don’t come back to buy the car in X amount of days.

So when you think about local businesses and franchises, brick and mortar is where it’s used most, businesses with repeat customers, businesses with long customer wait times, any time you end up hanging around a doctor’s office, a dentist office, for an oil change, at the laundromat.

Or businesses with extended customer stays like hotels, parks, stadiums, museums, and camp grounds.

There’s over 11 million possible local businesses that are looking for this type of solution.

You’ve been to them, you probably go to them on a regular basis.

Keep an eye out next time you’re at any of these locations.

Look for the free WiFi sign.

If you’re not out and about, let’s say you just wanna reach out, you wanna find clients remotely, you wanna sit at your desk and figure out who you should be calling to sell this to, there’s a ton of free WiFi resources out there, so literally lists of businesses that already offer guest WiFi, so they understand the importance of guest WiFi.

See these listings here, these are just some examples.

You can also go on Google, do a map search.

You can go on Yelp, which is a great resource, ’cause here, you can actually search for businesses that offer guest WiFi.

And you can also look on Facebook, places that have a ton of reviews, that even have negative reviews, it’s a great way to reach out to that client saying, hey, I have a great way to get you better reviews.

Give me 15 minutes, let me show you on a Zoom call in an online meeting how I can help your business.

So we also integrate directly with TripAdvisor Review Express, we are an approved partner.

So also check out TripAdvisor, check who’s number one, obviously, but check who’s number two or number three or number four and call them up and say, how would you like to catapult into the number one spot in your category? Because I have an automatic way to get you more positive TripAdvisor reviews.

That’s exactly what we helped you.

So to look for clients, again, is really easy, you go to a site like Yelp, and you can actually look for free WiFi.

Do that search, you can even use Facebook, it has a WiFi finder, it’s built in right inside the app.

So go to settings, more settings in Facebook, click on Find WiFi, and it will literally, so if you’re out for a restaurant or you’re out on a sales blitz, pull out your phone always and see the businesses in and around your area.

And you don’t even have to be there physically, you can search an area, you can search remotely for an area and even in another country to see which businesses are promoting their guest WiFi.

But basically, it’s any business looking to improve their brand awareness and reputation.

They wanna boost their social engagement, they wanna automate marketing, they wanna discover the needs of their customers, they wanna stand out from the competition, they wanna increase in-store customer visits, and they wanna boost sales by increasing conversions.

So how can this supercharge your business? As a solutions provider, as a digital agency, or as a managed service provider, this is the number one easiest way to generate customer emails and social profiles on autopilot.

So if you are looking for a way to build a list to be able to charge more to your clients, there’s literally no faster way.

It guarantees instant results for your clients the moment you turn this on, so the moment you apply this on an existing network or plug in a new device, you’ll start collecting data when guests connect.

It is the ultimate door opener, if you sell Facebook ads, if you’re a social media marketing consultant, or if you sell email marketing services, this is the best way to open doors or even to steal business, be like, I know that you pay somebody else to do your Facebook ads, but I have a better way to build you a more customized Facebook audience so you can get a better ROI on your ad spend.

I mean, that’s a no brainer.

This also helps act as a fire starter so you can profit minimum 10x from the bundles that you’re currently selling, I’ll go into the cost in a minute.

So I’m a firm believer in that anything I sell as a white label reseller, you should be able to at least 10x your investment on what you’re reselling, in some cases, we have 100x ROI on the solution that we have.

So more on that in a minute.

What’s important, how this can supercharge your business is that it automates everything with integrations and self-serve client access.

So once you set it up, it’s literally set and forget.

And then you give your clients a log in, you can do everything from having it be read only, so they can just view stats, to literally allowing them to set up all the automations and do everything themselves.

So let’s go right into the sales process.

How does the sale work, what do you say, how do you get the clients to be interested in what you’re selling, and then how do you upsell them to make a ton of money selling WiFi marketing? So it’s real simple, there’s three steps to the sales process.

You wanna first qualify your client.

So the same way I just showed you, how to find those WiFi marketing clients, and you do the same thing.

Just make sure that they have some money to spend, so see who’s running Facebook ads or who is taking care of their social media site, so there’s, they have at least 100 fans or they’re posting on Facebook or it looks like they have an agency of sorts that, hopefully, you’re their agency or there’s, there’s money there to spend on the client that is the brick and mortar location that has guests who dwell that would see massive value in building just a huge email and SMS list.

So once you find the millions and millions of businesses that qualify that criteria, you wanna show them what you can do.

Now, we made it really easy to demo this literally on autopilot, all you need is their domain name to automatically generate a WiFi marketing campaign to use as a sales tool.

So I’ll show you how that works in just a minute.

It’s super easy to generate this, and you share them this one link and they’ll go through the process, hopefully, they will understand how this works.

And then you’ll sell them that package, this package is everything right from using a strategy of offering a free trial to the upsell to a five figure upfront annual plan.

There’s so many different ways that you can bundle this or package this and sell it.

So what we do is we have something called a Sales CRM right inside the dashboard.

This Sales CRM allows you to automatically generate a preview.

We have this both as an embeddable widget, so you can embed this widget to allow your clients to do it themselves, and this is something you can put right on your website and they can submit a form, so they can type in, this is my website, it’ll automatically generate the preview of that WiFi experience, they would go through it.

They would then even fill out a form over here, entering their name, email, and phone number.

And that would go directly to your internal CRM and also integrated with your own CRM, so if you use HubSpot or Salesforce, whatever you use as your CRM, these leads will get sent directly to your system.

Now, let me actually show you this in a live environment, because these slides are great, but there’s another thing about showing you how this actually works live.

So here, I have a WiFi platform, here, I have the Sales CRM.

So on the left hand side here, you see that there is a bunch of ways to create a preview.

So what I’ll do here is create a new preview and call this, let’s say McDonald’s.

And the preview type here, I will choose a website.

Type in McDonald’s and click on Save.

So here, I have a URL, I’m gonna copy this URL, and what this allows you to do is, so as you saw, we just entered a domain name.

And automatically, we generated this preview that took the logo, it automatically fetched the logo in the background, had the same of the location here.

We have auto terms that are with your brand, so no mention of MyWiFi as well here, just as a preview.

But that’s a full legal term you can use.

Here’s one of the options, you can choose to even make tiered paid WiFi, so you can pay if you wanna get three hours or 24 hours, or if you just wanna use it for free, you can click here.

Click on free, you have all these login options.

So over here, let’s say I click Connect with Facebook.

And this was all automatically generated, not planned in advance.

Here, I have the like box for McDonald’s.

So this is a great tool to, when you’re selling this to somebody, you share that link, click on it, they go through it, you can walk them through on a phone or on a Zoom call, any kind of demo, and be like, so your guests will come there, they’ll see that page, they’ll click on Connect with Facebook, they’ll continue on.

It’ll go right to your website.

And obviously, this on a phone will help promote the app download, so if you sell apps, this is the best and fastest way to really encourage more app downloads for your business.

When you’re sending this to a client, you can instantly see who clicked it, so you can see if they’re engaged or not.

You can also go down to this lead list over here, and you can see that it collected my real information on that list.

So that’s a great way to capture that data and share that link to show the client, and that’s 100% remote.

So what you do is you call a client, you find the best clients to call as a qualified, you find a client, whether you’re in person, you ask to privately speak to the owner and be like, look, I wanna set up a quick call with you so I can share something with you.

You can even do this remotely on your phone and have a link set up automatically to share that with your client.

What you wanna do is get a calendar meeting, so get a meeting in calendar, just use Google Calendar to do this, really simple.

You can use a free meeting software like Google Hangouts or Zoom, I recommend Zoom, to set up a one-on-one call, just like you guys are watching my screen right now.

You would do the same thing for your client and walk them through what that login experience would be like.

You can integrate this with a CRM like HubSpot if you want.

Not essential, you can also integrate this, right, with a Google sheet, and that could be your CRM, so that’s not important if you’re just getting started.

But this remote demo, the entire sales and the entire setup process can be done without you being there in person.

You can remotely manage everything, there’s full remote maintenance, remote installation.

Even if you have to drop ship a device to the client, all they literally have to do is plug it in and turn it on.

So that demo that I just shared with you, it sells on the spot, here are just some examples of our current WiFi marketing partners.

As soon as they share that demo, the client said, we need this.

Other clients, I mean, I can go through all of these testimonials in detail, it’s available on our website and I’ll share that link with you at the end, but people landing clients super easy just by sharing that link, just by showing that demo and just by having that client understand, yeah, when my guests connect, that’s what they’re gonna see, sounds good, and people literally walk away with checks.

First customer visit resulting in a sale.

So I have hundreds of these testimonials, 10 clients in just a few weeks using that exact strategy.

So it’s super easy to get your clients interested and willing to try this out.

Now, how do you set things up? Once you have a client that’s interested and you have a meeting set up or you have an agreed upon solution, how do you set up the hardware? So as you know, when you connect to this network, we integrate with existing WiFi hardware, so if there’s already guest internet available that is using Cisco Meraki or Aruba Networks or Cradlepoint or Open Mesh or Datto, Xirrus, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, MikroTik, there’s millions and millions of access points already in the market right now that are using this hardware.

So we integrate directly with that hardware.

Most of that hardware there has a cloud controller, so there’s something on the internet that manages those remotely.

So rather than have to touch that hardware physically, we just integrate with their cloud controller.

So we’re able to remotely control that hardware anywhere in the world.

We are officially Cisco Meraki Technology Partner, so you’ll find us on the Cisco Meraki Marketplace.

And what we do is we made it super easy, so this is an example of how you would integrate with a Cisco Meraki access point.

You’d go to your Meraki cloud, you go find your API key, you copy that API key.

You’d hop on over to our system, so the MyWiFi platform.

You click on Cisco Meraki, you click on the automated setup.

And then all you do is paste your API key.

That would automatically pull up a list of your organizations, so if you’re managing multiple networks, you choose the exact network you want to apply these settings to.

And you choose the SSID or the name of the network that your guests see to use WiFi marketing or use your platform, this is all your branded platform, and just with those steps, you’re connected.

That’s it, you don’t even have to touch the hardware, it’s all remote.

So there’s over two million active Cisco Meraki networks and they’re all compatible, so you can also look for leads, for example, find retail stores or find restaurants that use Cisco Meraki hardware and integrate with that with one phone call, all you need to do is be like, look, invite me so I can access your cloud controller and I can easily apply this for you remotely, you don’t have to be there.

So you can service any client anywhere in the world.

And for example, if your client does not have compatible hardware, so the majority, and to be honest, over 90% of local businesses probably don’t have expensive WiFi hardware.

And that’s exactly why we built this hardware, so it is a plug and play hotspot, it is 100% white label, so it says guest hotspot on the back of it, there’s no mention of MyWiFi whatsoever.

It costs $39 from our store, it’s our wholesale cost.

So you buy it from us for $39, you resell it for whatever you want.

But this little device can handle up to 30 simultaneous users.

You plug it into any existing internet connection.

So all you have to do is find the internet modem at that business.

So it’s usually there form Comcast or AT&T or Verizon, Time Warner in the US, obviously, any internet connection anywhere in the world works.

You plug this into that existing internet modem, turn it on, and you’re good to go, that’s it, you control everything remotely from the cloud after.

And there’s three ways to connect these devices.

So you can plug it in via internet cable, so right into an existing cable modem, as I mentioned.

You can plug in a 4G USB modem, so a SIM card, a wireless internet stick right into this device and have it be battery powered.

So it can work inside a food truck, inside an Uber, inside any, you can walk down the street, offer guest WiFi to other people on the sidewalk.

Sky’s the limit, really.

And you can also tether this to your existing iPhone or Android devices.

So you can use your current unlimited SIM card, if you want, from your phone to tether the data to offer guest WiFi to anyone that connects within the vicinity of that device.

And even further, if you don’t have compatible hardware or you don’t wanna order it from us, you don’t wanna get that $39 device, we also provide firmware that you could install onto existing hardware.

So for example, TP-Link is one of the biggest global manufacturers of access points, we have over 100 different firmwares available for different TP-Link models.

Additionally, we have a ton of different hardware that we support.

Best thing is, once you sign up, you can go into our site, you can search the different compatible hardware that we have and make sure you use the exact version number and model number, it has to match exactly for the firmware to work.

But after a one time installation of that firmware, you can use any kind of hardware that is supported.

So again, you can use this for $39, you can integrate with existing cloud controllers, or you can flash devices yourself.

So once you’re set up with the hardware, you turn it on, it’s all about managing the WiFi marketing experience.

So we have a visual splash page editor that allows you to customize every single element of the entire platform, I’ll show you a live demo momentarily.

You can also set custom engagement tools, like on the thank you page, you can show custom text, a custom like box, this is to engage users in real time while they’re there, it’s almost like a confirmation page and thanks for connecting.

Then you can redirect them to a URL, to different app stores, a deep link to the App Store or to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger bots.

Because we capture all this amazing data, there are so many different things you can automate.

You can, just to talk about the different things you can do with all of the data, because we integrate with your existing marketing software and stack, we’ll supercharge your Infusionsoft account, your MailChimp account, your Twilio account, your SendGrid account.

There’s an easy way to do this, it’s all visual.

So for example, if you wanted to trigger automatic emails, we have a built in email editor so you don’t really need even a third party tool, if you wanna just plug in your own SendGrid account or SMTP server, your own mail server, and you wanted to design the email on our end, but trigger through your own mail server, real easy to do.

You can go in here, easily customize any kind of email automation to send after first visit, second visit, or on-demand.

You can also create your own SMS automations or do on-demand SMS broadcasts.

This also uses your own Twilio account, so you can set your own Twilio number, you can set your own account, you can have multiple Twilio accounts if you’d like to manage that for your clients.

You enter your message body full with an emoji picker.

You can also upload different media, like MP3 files, MP4 files, you can include video attachments, you can include animated GIFs.

And this is sent in real time if you want or automatically to your guests.

You can also build rich email lists, so we have a direct Facebook audience integration that does custom matching through the Facebook ads API.

What this does is allows you to add guests to your Facebook audience.

So if you’re dropping Facebook pixels on your clients’ websites, the same pixel, but now we’re actually adding events called WiFiLogin.

So you can see guests that visited the website.

And now you can also see guests that logged in to a WiFi hotspot, so this is an incredible way to build a custom audience of your best customers, the customers that actually come to the location and connect to WiFi.

And how the retargeting works, for those who don’t know, a guest would connect to WiFi, we would do that automatic Facebook ads API customer match.

Then the customer leaves the store, later surfs the internet and goes on their news feed.

You would then capture their attention with a relevant interest-based ad to get them to come back to spend more money, whatever your call to action is, sign up here, come back to visit, whatever it is.

You can automatically set this up on Facebook with our direct integration.

We also have presence analytics, so this helps to tell you exactly how many guests are at the location in real time, what is your busiest time of day, how many people walk by your location, never mind come in, sit down, and actually use your internet, but how many people just walk by your location? That’ll help you understand what the best time is to run promotions.

We capture all this data and we present it to you right inside your dashboard.

So you have full guest metrics that you can use to analyze your strategy and create strategy for your clients, or give access to your clients to have them manage all of this themselves if you want.

You have full feedback of automation events and visitor trends.

You’ll see exactly who clicks your email, who opens your email, your full email analytics with SendGrid integration.

We also help you see, as you’re growing your network, as you’re getting more clients and more businesses that are using this solution, we show you the network activity maps, so which one of your locations is performing best, essentially.

You can even offer paid access, as you saw in the demo, you can offer free, connect with Facebook, connect with email, et cetera, to use free access or pay if you wanna use extended access.

This is great for camp grounds, great for hotels, places that almost paying for WiFi is expected in some cases.

We allow you to do that, plug in your own Stripe account and collect the money directly to your own bank account.

So all this real-time visitor metrics is super important for you to use, but this is not just about showing you the platform, this is really sharing the fact that we have a ton of clients right now, I mentioned over 8,000 locations, using this, understanding how many people are walking by these locations, what is the busiest time of day for this individual restaurant, when should they hire more staff, when should they run a promo? These are real clients getting real amazing data that they’re then sharing with their clients and then their clients use and make better decisions, get a better ROI in their marketing.

So let me go through exactly how to set this up on our platform.

So I hop on over to Locations if I’m setting up a new client, let’s say I went in for lunch, I spoke to the manager of the Chick-fil-A restaurants.

And I was like, you know, there’s a huge opportunity here for this location, so I just typed in Chick-fil-A and automatically fetched the exact address, all the information we need.

Click on Create Location.

I can add an existing device or add a new one, here, I’m gonna add a new one.

I’ll call it Chick-fil-A one.

Here, I can choose from any hardware manufacturer, as I mentioned, it’s super easy to add any third party solution.

Here, for example, if I was using our solution here, I would use this.

You can add the MAC address.

So basically, the serial number, in a way, at the back of this device, so we know exactly which device it is.

And I would confirm my setup.

And then I would create my campaign.

So here, I’m going to remove the credit card option, ’cause I don’t think it’s the best solution for Chick-fil-A, as you see here, we have a ton of options here.

I’m just gonna boil it down to the most popular ones, I would say are these top four.

And just to show you what you can demo here, I can call this name for internal purposes whatever I like.

I can change the logo if I want, I can modify the layout.

So I can do an icon style layout, I can do full size layout, I can add a header image over here, I can add a background image if I want, I can put in my own footer, so powered by your brand could be powered by your company.

Really easy to do, you can also plug in your own footer image, you can plug in your own, let’s say you wanted to plug in your own image over here and put your own banners there if you’d like.

From a login option standpoint, I can reorder this, so let’s say I wanted to push Messenger, I wanted to have SMS be second.

When I’m capturing my SMS number, I also wanna add additional fields, I also wanna capture the name, the country, and the date of birth of these clients.

Rather than have let’s say these are the options here, I can use my styles here.

So I can have an icon style if I want, I can change the radius to match my brand.

And really, anything is possible.

Here, you can choose to collect additional information on email.

As you see here, everything is added in real time.

So you can easily change and collect additional information.

Really easy to design your campaigns over here.

Because it’s all WYSIWYG.

So after guests connect, you see exactly, we have an embedded Facebook like box that’s auto populated.

You can add your own image here as well, upload an image, or you could add your own HTML.

And you can reorder this as well, so let’s say you wanted that like box first, thanks for connecting, please like us on Facebook for your chance to win whatever you’d like.

You can then redirect to a website if you want here.

You can add dynamic parameters, so if you wanna push to a funnel, to a e-commerce store where your cart is already half-full, you have your name, email, phone number, whatever information you’ve already captured off the client, all they have to do is enter their credit card to buy your product or to fill out a survey, we have dynamic parameters all built in over here.

You can also push people directly to an app store.

So this is a one click install for an app download on iTunes or on Google.

We can also push to WhatsApp to add to a broadcast list automatically or to trigger a Facebook Messenger bot sequence.

So this works with ManyChat, we have a direct ManyChat integration.

And this also works to trigger chat bots in real time.

In this case, I’ll just redirect right to the website and I’ll have it redirect after eight seconds, let’s say.

You can also pop in ads if you want, we have a built-in ad server here.

So if you wanted to put an ad on the home page over here, on the post-login page, if you wanted to put a full blown takeover and force guests to see this ad for let’s say 10 seconds before they continue.

And then on the thank you page, if I wanted to also insert some additional ads on the top, in the middle, in the bottom, so I can add up to three ads on the thank you page, set that up there.

And then here, you have the option to provide multi-language.

So everything is available in over 30 languages for your guests.

You can easily trigger that or toggle that.

We also allow you to plug in your own custom terms and conditions.

You can plug in a weather widget to see exactly if you wanna show the weather in and around that location, so it’s great for hotels or resorts where that’s really important.

We also have built-in compliance, so if you wanted to really get guests who truly agree and say, hey, we wanna subscribe you to our newsletter, we occasionally send you promotions, are you interested, yes, no? This also allows you to be GDPR-compliant, so those who are wondering, we are GDPR compliant, fully enabled and mandatory if your location is in Europe.

You can turn it on on any location if you want, if you’re in California, you wanna turn this on, totally optional to you.

Here as well, you can choose other options like automatically integrating your Facebook Pixel ID.

Really nice to do here.

Really just with one click, you’re automatically building a custom audience.

And once I’m done setting that up, know that this is all responsive, so this works both on desktop, on tablet, and on mobile.

I click on Save Campaign.

And that literally is the entire process, looking over here to show you some live examples.

So here’s what your clients will see, but again, these are just all zeroes right now, and what I wanted to do really is show you some of the results that live clients are getting with our system.

So these are real clients, I’m blurring this out because this is literally live data.

We have 130 guests online right now, over 2300 connecting in the last 30 days.

They’re using a MikroTik device over here, I can see guests that are currently online right now.

I can see they are GDPR-compliant.

This guest has been there 77 times for a total of five hours, I see the real email address.

I see the visit history, every single time this person has come back over time.

How long they spend every single time, the date that they’ve returned or they came back, how much they uploaded and downloaded every single time.

I also see automation, every time, an email is sent to this guest, exactly what day it was sent on.

So I have incredible feedback, total counts of my entire client here.

I can see my overall client list.

So here, I see all my guests listed over here.

I can drill down, I can look specifically, these are real people, again, guys, this is not made up content, this is why we’re blurring this data.

I can then trigger, I can say, hey, I wanna show guests that are connected through a method.

I wanna choose let’s say just men or just women.

And then I wanna send an action to them in real time, so right away, I wanna send an email or a text message or I wanna add everybody to a MailChimp list.

Or I automatically wanna ask people to review using Grade.

us or TripAdvisor or GatherUp.

I mean, we have a ton of different third party automations, you can trigger automations in real time.

And you can also set up automations automatically, and let me just show you here how to set this up, and this is really a nice entry into the sales playbook, ’cause this is really how you’re gonna upsell your clients a ton of data.

So let’s say we wanna send a thank you message for everyone who visits this Chick-fil-A location not when guests connect, we can do it when they connect, when they disconnect, if they’re inactive so they’ve not been back for X amount of days, or it is that guest’s birthday.

So I always say the first thing you can just set up as a thank you, it’s when guests disconnect.

Not in real time, ’cause not right away when they disconnect, it’s a little bit annoying, you wanna wait a little bit.

So on a delay of let’s say two hours.

So two hours after this guest disconnect, not always, just the first time, I want to do the following, so let me send an email.

Sender’s name here is, just for demo purposes, obviously, thanks for coming.

Click on Proceed.

I can choose to start from scratch, start from existing, or start from one of our templates.

So we have a ton of templates to use.

This is a world class WYSIWYG editor to create responsive emails.

So this works beautifully inside a browser, also on a mobile device.

You can edit anything you want here, you can change the image, you can use a image search tool, your files, you can search for different images here directly.

If you want, you can add your own images, you can apply filters, you can really customize anything you want.

Really, what you’re upselling here is email/SMS messages, scheduled reports, and subuser access.

So here, you have these two big elements, just email and SMS are the biggest things that you’re gonna be upselling, be able to charge the most for from your clients.

Then you can upsell social media services, things like chat bots and loyalty programs.

Great way to then extend the loyalty of this list that you’re building.

Then I recommend selling reputation or review marketing, so generate more positive reviews.

Ad retargeting, or at that point, once you’ve established a ton of trust, you can sell websites or SEO.

But really, ad retargeting is the huge money maker, because you’re building an amazing custom audience, automatically integrated with Facebook, to get an amazing ROI on that ad spend.

So look on the left hand side, think about what your current specialty is if you do local marketing, PPC, do any kind of media buys, if you do video marketing, reputation marketing.

This is what you’ll be able to do with WiFi marketing, truly this, there’s nothing out there that has the ability to supercharge your agency and add more data to your business to generate more results.

So take a screenshot, pull out your phone, take a picture of this screen right here, because really, there are so many ways to add value, once you generate data for your clients, to automate that marketing, to build that loyalty is just massive value.

So here are some playbooks that we use and recommend that is a two week trial strategy.

So as you all know, selling the same old stuff doesn’t work anymore, you need to build trust.

So if you’re currently selling any of the following that I had on the previous screen, you know that probably selling that doesn’t quite work as well anymore.

It’s difficult to differentiate yourself.

What you wanna do is you wanna call clients offering a free trial to a new technology.

You can say something like, I’m in your area offering to help local businesses, and our goal is to help capture guest data and automate marketing using a new technology, you don’t even wanna mention WiFi at this point, you wanna just peak their interest on using something new to help positively change their business, remember what they’re looking for, they’re not looking to buy WiFi marketing, they’re looking to buy results, ROI.

So you offer something like even $100 deposit for the hardware.

So this is a free trial, remember, but it’s not quite free, I’m gonna be giving you a device, your cost to us is $39 to buy that hardware, for example.

You ask the client for $100 to deposit.

You can plug and play remotely set that up, so you can literally, if you’re there in person, you plug in and turn it on, but you don’t have to be there in person.

You can ship this or drop ship it or send it via courier to the client.

There’s full instructions, printed instructions to plug it in and turn it on to get it set up.

As soon as it’s set up, you’ll see it go green in our system and you manage it remotely.

And then after just one week, you wanna call the client and show them something like this, now, this is Craig, it’s a picture of Craig that he just plugged in this device at this location, and in the last two hours, in fact, Craig didn’t wait a couple days, he waited two hours and called the client back and said, look, I got 101 guests already.

I got 101 guest profiles already in the first two hours.

We gotta talk about email marketing, SMS marketing, we gotta talk about growing your business.

Here’s another playbook strategy that we use, it’s really bundling package value, really building massive value as the strategy to land more clients.

So I personally know a lot of point of sale machine companies that sell different types of services or any kind of managed services to local businesses.

And if you’re an MSP on the call, you know that, at the end of the day, all managed service providers are technically the same in the eyes of the consumer.

There really is no difference, I mean, everyone competes on the same rate, everyone sells the same First Data Clover product.

Everyone gets the same rates.

Everyone says, I’ll beat your rate, but everyone’s working with the same rates.

So there really is, everything is the same, right.

So what makes you different than anyone else? Everyone also gives away the free hardware and the sign up bonuses, and it’s so competitive, right.

So how can you sweeten the deal and differentiate yourself for a low investment, but show massive value to the client? So the answer is WiFi marketing.

You can literally bundle this in, I know personally, this a real case study where we had a client trying to vie for point of sale deals.

And really, what you’re offering to the client is look, I understand that you’re shopping around for a point of sale machine or you’re already using a point of sale solution.

So not only will I get you the best rate, not only will I give you free hardware and give you the same sign up bonuses as everybody else, but I’m also gonna give you something called WiFi marketing.

The value is minimum $500 per month.

It’s, I’m gonna give you this for, this is what you tell the client, obviously, I’m gonna offer this for you for free on a one year contract.

In this case, the value of the point of sale deal was $6,000 per month they were collecting in credit card fees by installing this point of sale solution.

They landed the deal using WiFi.

It was worth $72,000 per year.

The cost to Bob was, to set this up was $10 per month per location.

So that was the cost of MyWiFi, he paid us $10 per month, and he closed $72,000 in business, because he was able to offer the value of WiFi marketing bundled in a packaged deal.

So we have a lot of clients doing this.

They’re building an army of these devices, the $39 each is a small investment to be able to land the $5,000 deal.

So that is another great strategy that a lot of clients are using.

Another playbook that a lot of clients are using is operation list build.

So really, this is going to your client and saying, look, I have a way to build your list automatically.

You offer this incredible promise, and obviously, they’re not gonna believe you because you’re making this grandiose promise.

But what you wanna offer is a free trial or an upfront money back guarantee.

So I always say, ask for money upfront and say, if this doesn’t work for you, if you’re not satisfied, I’ll refund your money in 100%.

Otherwise, if they’re reluctant to give you any money, if they’re like, no no no, I just wanna, I’m not willing to do it, then you can offer the free trial, it’s really a no brainer for them.

If they don’t accept your offer, they probably don’t care about their business.

Truly, if you’re offering them the ability to build an email list and an SMS list automatically for free and you get them to understand that you’re building and gathering valid emails through Facebook and through email validation.

You’re capturing valid SMS mobile numbers with legal double opt-in.

You plug in your own app integrations, so you plug in whatever they’re currently using right now and you help supercharge that.

That means you can plug in your own email server, your own SendGrid or SMTP account.

Plug in your own SMS gateway, Twilio and we’re adding a bunch of SMS gateways shortly.

You can plug in your own WiFi hardware, things like Cisco Meraki, Aruba Networks, and dozens more.

Plug in your own marketing and CRM software, over 1,000 different native and Zapier supported integrations.

You then brand this with your logo, so you offer it free, but you brand it, you have stickers on the front of the door, you have stickers in the bathroom, you have stickers everywhere.

You brand this as your solution, these are pictures of some of our partners and resellers that have shared these images with us.

This is what your clients see.

So even though it’s free, quote unquote, you’re generating a ton of business by people seeing this, by them using it, by them being exposed to your brand.

Not only that, you’re also building massive email lists, SMS lists on autopilot.

We have clients that bring it with them to dinner.

And they say, look, I’m just here having dinner, but I happen to have a device with me.

Can I just plug it in, turn it on, and automatically start generating emails directly with the clients that are here? So another big playbook is that, once you show this value, once you show some of the lists that I showed, and for those that missed, I can actually just show another slide over here, ’cause I’m always super excited to share these things with you.

So here’s another location, this is live data.

So when you talk about building an email list, don’t think small, this is one location that’s had over 9,000 guests, this is live right now, they’re using Cisco Meraki.

They have over 600 guests that are online as we speak.

We have this guest over here that has been connected for some time, we have any automations, any emails that were sent, whether they were delivered, opened, clicked.

We have full reports as well of who’s connected over time.

We have the demographic breakdown, the email domains that were used, gender, male versus female.

So we see the different types of audiences that we’re dealing with here.

We also have presence analytics, we can show the amount of people that have passed by this location, the amount of visitors that have connected, the amount of guests that have actually connected to WiFi.

The busiest day of the week is Wednesday.

We have the busiest day of the month, the busiest hour of the month.

We have Saturday morning and afternoon being by far the busiest here on this heatmap.

So look at this live data guide, this is not made up, this is live from our clients directly, in fact, I can just even show you here the timeline of when guests are connecting, so one minute ago, five minutes ago, nine minutes ago.

It’s a constant 24/7 stream of you collecting data and automating marketing for your clients.

So you show that value, right, it’s a no brainer.

You wanna install this risk free, so you do it with a deposit required.

Then you wanna prove that this works, you offer something like it’s 100% refundable in the first 30 days, but you want your client to really trust you.

You tell the client something like this, if you like it and you decide in the first 30 days, we’ll offer you 50% off annual plans, and you inflate your price, but you offer a great value for them to make a decision within a certain time frame.

And here’s where the magic happens, so you book a meeting for 30 days out, they’ll think that it takes them 30 days to get results.

But then what you wanna do is send surprise updates.

So three days in, you wanna send them a screenshot like this.

Hey, I know we’re supposed to meet in 27 days or at the end of the month, but I just wanted to show you, you record a little video like this, I just wanted to show you guys or I wanted to show you what is happening at your location here.

So look at these guests that are connecting, look at how many people have connected here, you can show some screenshots, you can set up some automated reports.

So you can share this with them.

And hopefully, they sign that contract there and then, if that’s not enough, you wait a week, says wow, this is growing really fast, in two weeks, show them the engagement, three weeks, talk about how you have to take action.

This is a huge, huge strategy to use when you have results, and this will supercharge whatever you’re currently doing, so if you are leading with social media or leading with local marketing or reputation marketing, just stop right now, lead with WiFi.

Get the device plugged in, it doesn’t matter if it’s not your core business to start.

Lead with WiFi marketing, show that value, and then you’re able to upsell everything that you’re selling.

And it’s easy when you think about how data adds value to your clients, helps them build a database of leads for email newsletters, for SMS marketing, helps them build retargeting lists for Facebook.

Helps boost brands and social awareness, helps with social growth.

Helps improve their online reputation.

Helps, keeps them competitive.

It helps them increase their guest frequency on repeat visits.

And it will ultimately boost sales.

Here’s a quote that I got from us being truly the better platform, so those who have used some other WiFi marketing platforms.

I am absolutely loving it, the platform is amazing, very well thought out and super user friendly.

I’m coming over from the, and I wanna protect their privacy, ’cause we have a lot of people coming over from other platforms all the time, and they’re bringing their clients.

They have six active locations and are looking to grow very rapidly.

Can’t say enough positive things about what we built.

So thank you as well, and we look forward to a long business relationship, and that’s the way that we work with a lot of our partners.

We support you, so we’re not out here competing with you on these price plans, this is just some sample pricing that you can charge your clients.

Anything from 99 a month to 2,000 a month, depending on what you’re selling.

We have all this available in our members area where we train you exactly how to sell this, how much to charge, what to say, rebuttals, sales scripts, et cetera.

We have everything you need to learn how to sell and scale your WiFi marketing business.

So again, take it from me, look from what our clients are doing with 3,000 a month recurring, with 10K a year recurring, with $2,500 setup feels, with $15,000 deals, and I’ll share these links with you later so you can read through them.

But our solution makes it easy to upsell.

So the big thing here is that you’re not selling WiFi marketing, you’re selling data, you’re selling customer loyalty, and you’re selling the ability to seriously change your agency.

So this will supercharge your business, supercharge your digital agency, or help you sell additional services if you’re a managed service provider.

If you’re even looking to break through deals, you probably have a client already that you’re like, look, I’ve been trying everything to get them to sign up with me or I want them to sign that contract, I need that game changer.

Well, all you need is one of our devices, send it to them, have them plug it in, turn it on, show them this value.

And this is the solution you’ve been waiting for truly when it comes to showing your client why you should be trusted.

And retaining your client is easy, the retention is the easiest thing here, because once your WiFi goes social, you’ll never go back, once your clients start generating leads, no one unplugs this thing.

So I’m getting emails and SMS messages on autopilot, I want to keep it on, if your client stops paying you, really easy, you could turn it off and disable it remotely.

You can pick up the device or leave the device there, it’s a $39 device, you have a deposit, right.

You can disable it remotely if they stop paying you monthly.

So it’s easy to lock in clients, have them pay you for 12 months in advance, give them their own login access to do the changes themselves, and you’re onto the next, so you can build a secure, long-term, and hands-free monthly recurring income by following these exact strategies.

So how do you break down the cost versus the profit of WiFi marketing, so when you think about the platform, we work with a low monthly fee.

We give you access to all of the features, all of the services, and customer support, and the training and the tools and everything you need to scale your WiFi marketing business.

The only additional cost you have is if you’re plugging in devices on location, you have hardware that you need, or you’re bringing your own devices, so BYOD is Bring Your Own Device.

You’re plugging in Cisco Meraki, Aruba Networks, or anything that is already there.

So you make money from the setup fee, you’re able to charge your clients a setup fee to get the WiFi installed in the first place.

You can charge anywhere between $250 to $3,000 for a setup fee.

You install the hardware, if you’re plugging it in, bringing it yourself, or you’re installing it in the cloud controller, as I showed you how easy it is to do with Cisco Meraki.

You configure the guest login experience all through our campaign editor.

Then you charge a recurring monthly fee for the service, anywhere between 100 to over 5,000 a month I’ve seen our partners charge, because they’re including email marketing and SMS marketing and triggers and actions and all kinds of amazing tools, including the data collection, the marketing automation, the Facebook ads retargeting, the email marketing, and reputation management is what your package is all about.

So I already read through a bit of the platform demo.

For those who are interested in more platform demos, we have a full demo available on our website.

And in fact, let me show you our website now, because we have a lot of great resources there.

For those who are looking to learn more about WiFi marketing, we have a ton of great content here, so if you wanna learn about why WiFi marketing or why you should start selling WiFi marketing solutions, we have a lot more resources here that shows you really how this works, so a little bit more of a breakdown of what I talked about today.

But specifically some ideas on different campaigns, different kinds of targeting you can do, some of the case studies that I spoke about here.

In addition, if you are a digital agency or MSP, take a look at some of our solutions that we have.

Because for digital agencies specifically, we help you sell more of what you currently sell, and this is what we specialize in, so we help you stay ahead of the competition, we help you get priceless data for your campaign, so whatever your marketing campaign or focus is for your agency, we help you get more data to help with that.

We help you also sell more of what you currently sell.

And we have some great testimonials here as well.

Talk about the benefits that we have in addition to a great case study here.

So that’s just other stuff that you can review.

So take a look a this, because if you’re a digital agency, for example, you can calculate how much you can make with us here.

So if you are currently dealing with clients, you can even break this down and offer it to be a no brainer $99 a month fee, but you are upselling your package that is a $2,500 package.

You can see here that you make it a no brainer to your clients.

You can grow a very very nice business for yourself of just, even no matter, if you just wanna service 10 clients total, you can be making nice coin on that.

And depending on the clients that you’re targeting as you’re nicheing out and you’re targeting and adding more value to your clients, you can really grow your business to new heights all using WiFi marketing as that door opener.

So our platform is 100% white label, so again, your clients will not see that the MyWiFi brand exists, everything is hosted on Amazon, so everything is scalable and load balanced and will work anywhere in the world super fast.

A bit more about the platform itself, it’s 100% developed by our company, so this it not a white label of a white label, this is your chance to work directly with the source to have your own 100% white label captive poral platform that integrates with existing networks.

It works with all major WiFi hardware and third party marketing automation software.

It allows any digital agency or MSP to customize guest WiFi with no programming knowledge.

And also helps provide data capture, marketing automation, presence analytics as a value-add so you can upsell all of your services.

So this will add value by giving you a custom branded dashboard with your logo, real-time analytics and reports, your own integrations, so plug-ins and tools you already use, and automating all of this or sending broadcasts in real time, so huge value to your clients to be able to do that.

You can also monetize things with our built-in ad server and audience retargeting.

So your clients will see massive value in this by logging into their dashboard and seeing their real time data through your branded dashboard, seeing their live customers, their trends and analytics, automatically growing their database, and triggering these messages that gets those customers coming back for more.

And the reason why resellers prefer MyWiFi is that we help you build a recurring revenue.

We help you differentiate yourself from the competition, we help you build that loyalty with your customers.

We automate your sales process with tools like the Sales CRM.

We give you the third party integration so that your data is not tied down, you can export your data whenever you want, you can plug this into whatever you’re currently using.

We help you meet all of the privacy requirements, including GDPR.

We give you all of the marketing and sales collateral.

And we integrate with WiFi hardware your clients already use.

We built this platform exclusively for resellers, so I already went through almost all of these features today.

And if you wanna learn more, again, our website has a ton information on all of these features that are included with our white label plans.

We have thousands of global resellers now, and again, you probably have used their system but don’t know it, because you’ll see their brand, you won’t see the MyWiFi brand.

And they’ve landed over 8,000 locations with brands like McDonald’s, Marriott, UPS, auto dealerships like Chevrolet and Hyundai, Subway, Burger King fast food restaurants, hotels like Best Western, and tons of different franchises all over the world.

So the three critical keys to understand when you’re working with us is that the platform does all the work.

Setting up is easy.

The hard work happens when you’re automatically sending messages and email campaigns and all of these automations are running 24/7, the platform does all of that, so once you set it and forget it, the value is seen through what the platform does 24/7 365.

And it’s super easy to install and use this with no maintenance.

So you manage it automatically, you set it and forget it or you give your clients access to make changes themselves.

And you don’t need to be a technical person to do this.

Even if you don’t know how any of this stuff works, you can use one of our devices, buy it from our store, it’s pre-programmed, plug it in, turn it on, and you’re done.

If you’re more technically advanced, if you’ve worked with bigger networks before, if you do stadiums and hotels, you’ll be happy to know that this integrates seamlessly with your existing network and is scalable to the point where any of your clients could use this and be set up in a matter of minutes.

So there are endless possibilities when you think about how to use this data and the data that you capture with WiFi marketing what can you do, and this is why WiFi marketing is so important for your business.

Because I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but the money is in a list.

So the bigger your SMS list and the bigger your email list, the better the results you’ll get for your clients and the more you’ll be able to charge your clients.

So your number one objective should be to build your client lists as fast as possible.

Your second objective would be to automate messages, you don’t wanna send things on demand, you wanna have things happen automatically.

So you can set up the triggers and actions, you can set up all the set and forget rules.

And then, when it comes to broadcasting messages, you can build smart lists and have your clients send their own messages, so you can have them send their own SMS messages, their own email messages on demand.

Send it directly through our system or integrated with any third party solution.

We have over 1,000 third party integrations through our approved Zapier app, so it’s listed right inside the Zapier Marketplace.

And for example, you set things up like this.

So the first time a guest visits the location, after they disconnect, two hours later, send a message like thanks for visiting.

If your guest is absent, so let’s say the guest disconnects, does not come back for seven days, you wanna send something like hey, it’s been a while, why don’t you come back, so it’s been X days since we last saw you, we’d love to have you come back again and take a glimpse at our new food.

You can do things like review requests.

So when a guest connects for the second time, so you’re ensuring this guest is a return guest, you can send them a message like hey, thanks for coming back, please leave us a review.

So you can do something like this that helps filter your reviews, if they loved it, they click on I loved it, they go right to TripAdvisor or to whatever you’re using that’s important to them to generate positive reviews.

If they click on I didn’t enjoy it, it goes directly to a form to submit, hey, here’s how we can improve, that doesn’t go public, this just goes directly to the manager on how they can improve their business and all the positive reviews are sent directly to TripAdvisor.

You can do things like birthday messages.

So if it’s a guest’s birthday, in real time, on their actual birthday, send them a message automatically, so hey, happy birthday, why don’t you bring your friends? So send them something like this, hey, make a wish, scroll down to see if your wish came true.

Do things like review requests using more advanced tools, so if a guest connects for the second time on a three hour delay, send directly to TripAdvisor with the Review Express integration.

Send to Grade.

us, which is a great review management platform.

Send to a platform like GatherUp, which is another great review management platform that your clients might already use, you might already use this for your system and are looking to get more guests into that funnel so you can get more positive reviews to have it show better results.

You can ask for those reviews directly through our system, or as I mentioned, through TripAdvisor.

We’ll send an email that looks something similar to this, so how was your dinner or how was your time at this business? And you have all of the analytics available in your TripAdvisor Review Express dashboard that you can charge your clients even more money to manage for them.

You can set up things like weekly newsletters.

So when a guest connects the first time, you wanna add them to MailChimp and start sending newsletters, you can also track loyalty this way too, so when a guest connects for the second time, add them to MailChimp, but this time, add a tag or add an event like return visitor.

And you can do this really easily in MailChimp, just to give you an idea of how easy this is to implement in our system, if I wanted to add an automation here like that to tag in MailChimp, I can say when a guest disconnects, in real time, by visits, so we’ll say on the second visit, I wanna add to MailChimp.

Here, I can add my own MailChimp lists, so I can add my own MailChimp account.

And I simply add a tag, it’s super easy to do.

I can also target broadcasts, so if I wanted to, say, build a smart group, so I wanna find all males that came on Thursday to watch a football game, I wanna email everybody right now, real time, to come back.

You can do things like onsite promotions, when it gets connected in real time, hey, try the meatloaf or whatever you’re trying to have that client do when they’re onsite.

So the sky is the limit, right, when you’re launching your own WiFi marketing platform, you’ll be able to get customers to trust you right away.

You’ll be able to show measurable ROI.

You’ll be able to bundle this in for extra profits, you’ll be able to actually close bigger deals by offering this as a value add.

You can build your own advertising network and monetize the ads that you’re running on that WiFi.

You can also charge for DFY or Done For You or DIY, Do It Yourself campaigns.

So you can even give your clients access to do the work for you.

You’ll be able to get rid of the problem that I personally dealt with in my agency over 10 years ago, and it really is the secret to sales.

You need to stop selling the same old stuff, you need to sell something that is different.

You need to stop the rejection that you might be having right now if you’re trying to sell a client something that they have 100 different options for.

Show them why they should choose you by offering something new that has more value.

Offer them the ability to show instant results, a lot of times, when you’re selling your traditional services, it takes weeks if not months to show results.

This allows you to show results immediately.

It also helps you deal with impatient and needy clients, clients that want results yesterday.

You’re able to now show them something on day one.

You’ll stop doing all the work yourself, because you’ll create subusers that your clients can use to log in and manage their own campaigns.

And all this data will get reported back to the client using our scheduled reports.

And you can set these up automatically to send full blown reports to your clients whenever you want.

You’ll be able to call this your own, get the router shipped to you, plugged in, and these are real images from our real partners that are really taking ownership.

They were able to really, in a matter of 30 days, get over 200,000 unique guests connecting to their network.

It is really really fascinating.

So how do you get started, for those who are on the call, we have a lot of stuff planned, and let me just share with you guys right now how to get started, because if you already have an account with us, you’re already working with us, thank you.

If you’re looking to get started, if you are a MSP, so a managed service provider that already has WiFi, you know how all this works, you have a Cisco Meraki access point or Aruba Networks or you have the hardware required, you can sign up for a free trial.

So chances are, you already know how all this stuff works, you just wanna give us, out platform a spin.

Sign up for our 30 day trial, I recommend the Agency plan.

Because this comes with the Client Manager, the ability for your clients to log in, the ability to create subusers.

This gives you also scheduled reports.

And also gives you access to an ad server to run your own ads.

You can manage up to 20 locations and 100 access points with this plan.

And if you wanna start with the Pro plan, you can always upgrade or downgrade whenever you want.

If you’re an MSP looking to manage multiple white labels and you wanna create multiple Pro or Agency accounts, we offer this plan that gives you unlimited locations and we charge by access point, so it includes 200 access points.

Additional access points are $3 per access point per month.

And chances are, if you’re dealing with large locations like event venues or shopping malls, you have hundreds of access points.

We work on a super discounted rate here to help you manage that at scale.

If you already manage hardware, you know what you’re doing, sign up for the free trial, obviously.

But if you don’t, we have some programs available that include everything.

And as you can see, our different plans include a ton of stuff, but the real fun happens down here.

So our Pro plan, it’s an annual plan which is $990 a year.

It comes with the Pro plan access, which is normally $99 a month.

You save, you get two months free right out of the gate.

But here, we also ship you three WiFi hotspots, so that’s $165 value.

We also give you some cool things like the video onboarding guides.

So the specific step-by-step videos of how to get everything started.

We give you WiFi marketing materials, so ready to use presentations, graphics, and brochures.

A ton of amazing content that’s based in some of the slides that I shared with you today, but specifically geared towards helping you land your first client.

Give you sales scripts and checklists, so introductory training and getting started checklists to land your first WiFi marketing client, literally the exact steps you need to take.

The Sales CRM preview tool, how to eliminate objections by sending clients access to a link.

Exactly how to use that, I train you exactly specifically how to embed that into your sales process.

And I also will include the 30-day WiFi Challenge, the step-by-step process to close your first client in 30 days.

And those who are looking to grow an agency.

Our Agency plan is normally 299 a month, you get access for the year for 2,990.

So you get two months free here as well.

But the benefit of getting started here with the annual plan is that we ship you 12 hotspots, in fact, 12 hotspots in the mail is $660 value included that we ship to you.

You get everything included in Pro, so all of this stuff, in addition to one-on-one onboarding, so a one-on-one meeting with our partner success team to help you launch your business faster with a personalized plan for your business.

We also help you automate your sales by giving you our modular marketing assets, so these are thousands of individual presentations, slides, graphics, content blocks, sales scripts, everything you need to help grow your agency.

We also give you access to subusers here, a big, big thing, so you can provide managed access to your clients so they can make their own changes in real time and they can view their own reports.

And we also give you all of our extended WiFi marketing playbooks, so the proven sales strategies to upsell your clients and services like email marketing, ad retargeting, and reputation management.

Here with our MSP annual plan, so with unlimited locations, you get 200 access points to start, additional access points are $3 a month each.

Here, if you go over five or 20 locations, additional locations cost you $10 per month per location, which is an incredible price when you think about how much you could charge your clients to use this.

So these are our annual plans, they come with all of our extended training.

But if you are just getting started, if you’re new to WiFi marketing, I encourage you to check out our kickstart plans.

We do have something called the kickstart programs, so rather than get started on the year, we understand that sometimes, even though you get two months free and let’s say you’re just new to this, rather than commit for a year, we’ve come out with two three month programs, so these are a three month commitment to get everything that’s included in the annual plan for just three months, so it’s a fraction of the cost.

You get a fraction of the free devices.

That’s the only thing that we hold back on, you get a few less devices here.

But you do get everything included, so we have two kickstart programs, one called the Kickstart Pro and one called the Kickstart Agency.

Both are three month programs.

Both, you get everything for a one time payment, so the Kickstart Pro is 497 today, the Kickstart Agency is 897 today.

You pay nothing for three months.

So you get a full three month runway to have everything you need to launch your own WiFi marketing business and land your first paying client.

And also, if you are a agency or you wanna really take the next step in three months, take two-three steps in three months, this is the blueprint to supercharge your digital agency with WiFi marketing playbooks and client upsell paths, so these are the specific steps to take.

You get everything here, the Pro plan, everything, you get five locations except client access, you don’t get the ad server, you don’t get automated reports.

So if you’re just getting started, really, this is the only way, I would say, if you’re just getting started and you’re on a budget, I would go with this plan over here.

If you’re serious about WiFi marketing and you wanna get the client access, you wanna get all the extended training, you wanna get the one-on-one onboarding call, you wanna get everything that we have for three months, instead of paying annually, you can take the three month program as a one time payment of 897.

You get the agency plan included for three months as well, so that’s normally 299 a month you got included here.

You also get six devices shipped to you.

You get all of the onboarding, the modular assets, the sales training, the playbooks.

And the special invites to our live training, so here are some of the case studies that I encourage that you watch and go through.

You can see some of the companies that we’ve done this for before.

You can actually read through a lot of the testimonials that we’ve had and a lot of the partner success that we’ve had in just the first few days.

So again, to qualify for this kickstart program, you must be a new WiFi customer.

You must have less than $250,000 in annual revenue.

And you have to have fewer than 10 clients, the reason that we brought this price down, the reason that we’re giving such a discount from the annual to the kickstart is that I wanna help businesses just starting out, and you wanna get started cost effectively.

We built this out so that you can get started for an investment of 497 or 897, start your own WiFi marketing business, get everything you need to launch.

That includes the platform, the training, the tools, everything you would ever need.

You’ll be able to supercharge your agency and kickstart your business.

So the direct link to that is

That’s where you’ll find all of the information on our kickstart program, exactly what is included, how to get started, and why you need to supercharge your business today with WiFi marketing.

Question about the package that includes all the sales scripts and the checklists.

The Agency plan is the one that includes all of that additional stuff, all the playbooks and the upsells.

The Agency plan really has the whole kitchen sink.

Yes, I can post this presentation in the members area so that you guys can use the same slides that I share here today to help land your own clients.

Yes, I’ve got a question, where does this work, it works anywhere in the world, anywhere that you have access to the internet, anywhere in any language as well.

So we currently support, our platform is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

We are adding additional languages for the platform itself.

Our captive portal and splash pages are available in over 30 languages currently.

Question about how to set up, you can check out the support desk that we have, it’s, to learn all about how to set things up and the step-by-step of how to use the platform.

If you need to support clients with more than 30 guests, you can use multiple of our devices or you can plug into Cisco Meraki or Aruba Networks or Unify.

And we also will be releasing some new hardware that’s more powerful in our store very shortly.

It’ll be able to handle about 100 simultaneous users.

So it’s a great device that we’re coming out with later this year.

Question is, do we use the data or share the data with any third party, answer is big no.

The data that you collect is owned by you.

You own it completely, you can export it whenever you want, you can anonymize it, you can delete it.

It is your data, that makes us different, because this is really powerful, you can do a lot of amazing things with this platform.

And as you manage your clients, you can really set things up and do whatever you like with the platform.

After you sign up, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan with a few clicks.

So you don’t even have to call us or do anything, once you purchase the Pro plan or Agency plan, you can upgrade, downgrade if you’d like.

You can even start with the Agency and upgrade to the MSP, once you grow to having more locations and wanna start getting unlimited locations, you can upgrade to our MSP plan and really scale your business.

So question, we do integrate with existing captive portals, so Cisco Meraki specifically, Datto, Open Mesh, triple A RADIUS authentication, those who are more technical, check out our support desk, we have a list of all hardware that we integrate with.

And most hardware is integrated in just a few clicks.

Others require a few steps, but everything’s well documented with screenshots.

And it just takes a few minutes to get everything all set up anywhere in the world.

So again, those who are wondering where to get our kickstart program, it is available at

If you wanna learn more about WiFi marketing in general, check out, we got a great selection of videos designed to train you about why this is important for your business, how to get it working for your business, always adding new training inside our members area, always adding new support, new marketing materials, new features, this is an ongoing process and we are here to fully support our partners and resellers.

So check out, if you’re just getting started, check out

If you wanna sign up for a free trial if you already have hardware and know how to use WiFi marketing, you’re looking to add this or replace an existing solution, you can sign up for one of our free trials.

But if you’re just getting started for the first time with WiFi, I cannot stress enough, don’t reinvent the wheel, don’t try to recreate literally the exact scripts, the marketing materials, the step-by-steps you need to take to launch your own WiFi marketing platform and sustainable, recurring revenue business.

Visit to learn more about how to get started.

Also, keep an eye out on the criteria of getting started with that program.

If you also are interested, we have annual plans that include even more hardware and even more support for the entire year.

And I hope you learned a lot today about how much data you can get, how you need to start offering WiFi marketing solutions, but don’t sell it as WiFi, sell it as data capture, sell it as loyalty, use it to sell more of whatever you’re currently selling, use it to bundle your existing hardware and software and solutions to blow up your business and supercharge your agency.

Thanks so much to everyone who watched live and also watched this replay.

I’ll see you guys inside of our private Facebook group and inside of our members area.

Take care, thanks a lot, talk to you soon.

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