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Kevin Zicherman

Selling WiFi Marketing to Beauty Salons

Your digital marketing agency is sitting on a goldmine. A quick search of area salons will likely yield dozens of prospective clients—business owners who could benefit greatly from WiFi marketing service. Your agency can leverage the salons’ guest WiFi to improve customer communications and execute targeted marketing campaigns. The benefits of WiFi marketing are easy

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Kevin Zicherman

How WiFi Marketing Can Help Hotels Rebound During the Pandemic

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the hotel industry. If your agency has clients that own hotels, you can be sure that those businesses are struggling. As a marketer, you can help hospitality clients rebound. In this article, we’ll explain a two-pronged approach to increase clients’ hotel bookings. The strategy involves two simultaneous

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Kevin Zicherman

How to Win Back Restaurant Customers After Reopening with WiFi Marketing

Your agency’s restaurant clients are reeling from the impact that the current health crisis has had on their businesses.  You can help them rebound faster. Restaurant customers are still out there, but their feelings about visiting your client’s establishment have fundamentally changed. WiFi marketing can be instrumental in addressing the major shift that’s occurred in

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Kevin Zicherman

How Guest WiFi Can Help with Contact Tracing

The COVID-19 pandemic has brick-and-mortar business owners struggling. With costly operational changes to make, concerns about the health of their staff and patrons, and a devastating drop in revenue, entrepreneurs are dealing with a flood of problems. Many are having trouble accomplishing all that will be required to get their businesses back on track. That’s

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Kevin Zicherman

Grow Local Customer Review Ratings with WiFi Marketing

Before the average person visits a restaurant for the first time, they check out the reviews and ratings online. If you’re a marketer that’s been targeting that person, it’s a pivotal moment in the process of customer engagement. The prospect is not only aware of your client’s establishment, they’re investigating it online. There are ways

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WiFi Marketing for Repeat Customers

Brick-and-mortar businesses in pursuit of repeat customers can benefit greatly from WiFi marketing. A guest WiFi network will help in collecting customer data and visitor metrics that, in turn, provide business intelligence to optimize and automate loyalty programs, precisely target digital ads, and improve customer communications.

Encouraging a repeat visit is one of the many customer engagement goals that WiFi marketing can help you achieve.

A repeat visit is one from a customer who’s been to your client’s establishment exactly once. The strategy for luring that type of customer back varies greatly from the ones you’d use when engaging active customers, prospects, or people who were regular customers but have stopped visiting.

This article will explain how WiFi data collection and analytics can help your clients reach out to first-time customers and entice them to visit a second time, then we’ll go over some practical ways you can use WiFi marketing to increase repeat business.

WiFi Data Collection: Laying the Groundwork for Customer Engagement

In order to market to first-time customers effectively, you must view them as a distinct subset of your customer’s client base. By starting with a generalized view of the customers, you can understand the customer base as a whole, then take a closer look at the typical first-time visitor so you can create offers tailored to them.

WiFi marketing is instrumental in creating a general customer profile and segmenting the client’s customer base as campaign goals require.

Collected user data, which is managed as guest profiles, includes demographic information that enables better-targeted, more personalized customer outreach. WiFi analytics makes use of this profile data, along with detailed footfall data like how often a typical customer visits, how long they stay, etc., to reveal valuable information about customer behavior.

The business insights that come from WiFi marketing can be the foundation of your client’s marketing strategy.

Customer outreach that’s created for a defined group, whether the customer base is segmented based on demographics, presence analytics, or a combination of those, can be tailored so it will resonate with that group. When you’re communicating with a portion of the customer base, like first-time customers, for example, messages can be written specifically for that audience.

Reaching out to customers between their first and second visits is the best way to ensure that a second visit happens. In the next section, we’ll look at WiFi marketing tactics that you and your agency can leverage when optimizing this all-important early customer engagement.

Guest WiFi-Based Tactics to Increase Repeat Business

With the data made available by WiFi marketing, you can create customized messages that will resonate with your client’s first-time customers, encouraging them to make a return visit. The core message will be “Please come back soon”, but it takes some strategizing to get that message out and get the best response.

Here are four of many ways you can leverage the power of WiFi marketing to turn one-time customers into second-time customers.

  • Highlight your loyalty program. First impressions count, and during the brief time right after a customer’s initial visit, you’re still in that first impression window. By immediately letting a new visitor know that your client incentivizes steady patronage with exclusive discounts, you can capture their attention. Working from data collected using the guest WiFi network, it’s easy to target first-time visitors with an introductory offer and give them details about the client’s loyalty program.
  • Lure the customer back fast. Create a sense of urgency—that second visit needs to happen soon! If your client is delighting visitors, the time directly after their first visit might be when customers are most receptive to establishing a permanent relationship with the business. Email a time-limited discount offer; use WiFi-collected data to target first-time visitors only.
  • Use a specialized WiFi splash screen for the initial login. When logging on to the guest WiFi network, every customer will see your client’s branded splash screen. That’s valuable marketing real estate, and since you can detect whether it’s a user’s initial WiFi login, it’s possible to trigger a discount that appears on the splash screen only if the user is a first-time visitor.
  • Capitalize on early customer enthusiasm. Drive social engagement and encourage a second visit at the same time. You can target first-timers with a discount offer if they share or like the business on social media.

This is a small sample of the tactics that agencies can use. Running a repeat business campaign takes a bit of creativity, but you can put up some amazing numbers if you take advantage of the business insights that WiFi-collected customer data provides. 

WiFi Analytics Reveal Campaign Success

After your client achieves their goal, seeing first-timers becoming loyal customers in droves, it’s time for your agency to get a little “repeat business” too!

WiFi analytics make it possible to show your client clear proof that their repeat business campaign succeeded as a direct result of guest WiFi and your WiFi marketing strategies.

One metric will do the trick—show your client changes in the First-Time Visitor Return Rate.

This is an important metric among business owners, partly because, compared to other measurements, it’s hard to move the needle. When your client sees this number double in a few weeks, they’ll be primed and ready to increase their engagement with your agency.

We hope this quick look at WiFi marketing’s role in boosting repeat business has been informative. If you use WiFi data collection and analytics, you’ll find it easy to help your clients engage first-time customers and encourage a second visit.

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