Sell and Manage WiFi Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses

​Supercharge guest WiFi with your own white label platform

Help brick-and-mortar locations capture social data, analyze visitor metrics and automate loyalty marketing using guest WiFi.

Trusted by resellers serving over 8,000 locations worldwide

Sell more with MyWiFi Networks

From email marketing to social media ads, WiFi marketing helps you sell more of whatever you sell.

What is your business model?

Digital Agency

Help local businesses collect guest data and run loyalty marketing campaigns.

Managed Services Provider

Add new recurring revenue streams to existing managed guest WiFi networks.

Value Added Reseller

Añada marketing WiFi a sus paquetes de software y a su conjunto de servicios.

Internet Service Provider

Upsell marketing WiFi a los suscriptores de Internet y generar ingresos.

SaaS Application

Una API ligera y flexible que se integra con cualquier plataforma de software.

Advertising Network

Genere más ingresos con un servidor de anuncios integrado para banners y vídeos.

New to WiFi marketing?


Incluye EVERYTHING you need to sell and manage WiFi marketing solutions for your clients.

  • Bundled Kits
  • Free Hotspots
  • Sales Training
  • Members Area
New to WiFi marketing?

Incluye EVERYTHING you need to sell and manage WiFi marketing solutions for your clients.

  • Bundled Kits
  • Includes Hardware
  • Sales Training
  • Materiales de marketing

What you can do with MyWiFi Networks

Lanzamiento en minutos sin necesidad de experiencia técnica.

100% white label

Your own WiFi platform

Rentabilice el WiFi invitado de su cliente y administre todas las interacciones de los clientes con su propia marca, logotipo y dominios.

Your own 100% white label branded platform

Use your own dashboard and portal domains

Hosted on Amazon’s CloudFront Global CDN

Embed your own support links and contacts

Place your "powered by" logo on login pages

Set custom platform and portal legal terms

Etiqueta blanca
WiFi Analytics

Real-Time WiFi Analytics

Datos perspicaces de los huéspedes

Capture los datos WiFi de sus huéspedes al instante y genere informes personalizables para que sus clientes puedan medir los análisis y las tendencias.

Collect user demographic data as guest profiles

View real-time data streams of your guest WiFi

Easily filter, analyze and display guest analytics

Presence analytics for footfall heatmaps

Schedule customized analytics reports

Export your data or trigger via JSON webhooks

Editor de campaña WYSIWYG

Páginas de bienvenida personalizadas

Cree fácilmente bellas experiencias WiFi para invitados sin necesidad de un diseñador y realice cambios instantáneos en su portal cautivo de forma remota desde la nube.

WYSIWYG rich-editor for your WiFi captive portal

Add your own social login and SMS integrations

NOT SHOWING Facebook™️ Login

Genere páginas de bienvenida de marca completa desde Facebook™ ️ Business pages.

Change your custom WiFi SSID network name

Redirect guests to any URL, App Store or chatbot

Built-in sales prospecting tools with preview links

GDPR compliant with consent forms and opt-out

Returning Guests see a ‘Welcome Back’ message

Offer a hybrid social-paid Guest WiFi solution

Automatically send emails, SMS and webhooks

Sync Guest WiFi users with your Facebook™️ Pixel

Run your own Guest WiFi Ad Network (Ad Server)

Motor de automatización de marketing

Automatización simplificada

Automatically send guest data to your marketing stack with ‘smart’ connection triggers and actions to send emails, SMS messages and integrate with 3rd-party APIs.

Trigger when guests connect to WiFi

Trigger when guests disconnect from WiFi

Trigger when guests haven't connected in X days

Trigger when it’s a guest’s birthday 🎂

Filter automations based on multiple data points

Delayed actions for drip campaign sequences


Dé acceso a sus clientes

Create subusers for your with limited permissions to offer remote access and real-time analytics in multiple languages.

Easily create, manage and limit subuser access

Group multiple locations for client reporting

Limit bandwidth/time spent and blacklist abusers

Allow clients to schedule their own campaigns

Setup automatic reports to be sent on a schedule

Multi-language dashboard, portal and reporting

Se integra con su pila de marketing

Comparta datos con miles de integraciones

MyWiFi Networks se integra con el acceso a redes sociales, CRM de terceros y autocontestadores de correo electrónico, Zapier y muchos más!

marketing wifi de marca blanca para su negocio

¿Por qué elegir MyWiFi Networks?

Genere ingresos recurrentes

Diferenciación competitiva

Crear fidelización de clientes

Proceso de ventas automatizado

3rd-Party App Integrations

Cumple con los requisitos de privacidad

Marketing y ventas colaterales

Integraciones de hardware WiFi

Are you ready to launch your WiFi marketing platform?

Includes everything you need to market, sell and manage WiFi marketing solutions for your clients

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