The flexible and client-driven dashboard that clients really love to use

Easily grant your sub-users access to a simplified dashboard with a personalized interface allowing your clients to do things like:

View Location Analytics

Allow your clients to see their current Guest Wi-Fi users and lifetime statistics so they can view customer data and identify trends in real-time.

Update Splash Pages

Allow your clients to update their own splash pages so they can customize the login experience for special events and promotions.

Toggle Device Settings

Allow your clients to limit their bandwidth or throttle guest connections, blacklist users, whitelist staff, set a DNS content filter and more!


Real-Time User Data

Your customers can view their own custom dashboard to see all user data and Guest Wi-Fi analytics in real-time.


Edit their own campaigns

You can optionally also grant access to the WYSIWYG Campaign Editor to allow your customers to make splash page login changes in real-time.


Adjust network settings

Allow your customers to manage total bandwidth, throttle speed and adjust session times without giving the access to your cloud controller.


Schedule marketing campaigns

Allow your customers to schedule their own campaign login experiences to change automatically - great for promotions and recurring events.

multi-location access

Manage everything

Easily administer locations, devices and campaigns with managed sub-user access and limited-access branded dashboards.


Create sub-users with limited permission levels to delegate management and allow campaign analytics monitoring.

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